Empower Your Running With the Latest Stryd Mobile App Updates!

Empower Your Running With the Latest Stryd Mobile App Updates!

At Stryd, we are committed to releasing new mobile app features that elevate your running, enhance your training, and help you achieve new personal bests. 

Our roadmap for the year is packed with exciting updates aimed at further enriching your training journey and propelling your performances to new heights.

Before we dive into what the future holds, let's reflect on some of the most impactful updates to the Stryd mobile app & Apple Watch app that have already made significant strides within the Stryd Community.

A Premium Experience for Apple Watch:

The Stryd app for Apple Watch has undergone a comprehensive redesign, introducing precision workouts, enhanced ease of use, and sophisticated customization options. This update redefines the capabilities of a running app, offering a seamless integration of features aimed at optimizing every run. Read more here >

Dual Pod Support to Create Stryd Duo: 

Getting started with Stryd Duo is simple & easy. The Stryd mobile app allows you to quickly pair two Next Gen Stryd pods to create your very own Stryd Duo system, enabling you to start collecting footpath data to gain critical insights into your running balance and track your progress over time. Read more here >

New 5K to Marathon Power-Based Training Plans:

These groundbreaking training plans available in the Stryd mobile app are revolutionizing the power-based running experience. Tailored for every skill level, from novice to expert, these meticulously crafted training plans ensure you're equipped to shatter personal records, safely ramp up distance, swiftly recover from competitions, sustain peak condition, and precisely track your improvement.

Resume Structured Training with the Return to Running Flow:

After you take a break, the Stryd mobile app will prompt you to ease back into structured run training with the new "Get Back to Running" feature. You can choose between a one-week testing plan or three easy runs to accurately recalculate your Critical Power for accurate training targets, ensuring a smooth and precise transition back to your routine​​​​​​​​. Read more here >

Complete Redesigned Summary Tab:

With this update, the Stryd mobile app is now your daily dashboard, a one-stop view to ensure your training is precisely on track. Tailored to your needs, the updated Summary Tab presents the most crucial information for your daily running with power regimen, now customizable for a truly personalized experience. Read more here >

Enjoying All That the Stryd App Has To Offer?

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We're excited to roll out even more updates to the mobile app throughout the year! Keep an eye out and enjoy the enhanced experience of Stryd.