New Stryd Update for Apple Watch | A Premium Running Experience for Apple Watch

New Stryd Update for Apple Watch | A Premium Running Experience for Apple Watch


Today, we're thrilled to announce a new update to Stryd’s Apple Watch app.

The entire Stryd app for Apple Watch has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier and more convenient to achieve your goals for every run you do!

This significant enhancement brings precision workouts, unparalleled ease of use, and advanced customization options to your wrist to set a new benchmark for precision run training.

Welcome to the new pinnacle of running with Stryd and Apple Watch.

Let’s take a look at the updated features.

A Precision Running Experience: Run Profiles & Workouts

Run Profiles and Power-Based Workouts turn every run into a precision running experience. These enhancements are designed to provide runners with unparalleled control over their training, enabling precision, preparation, and performance optimization like never before.

Optimize Pacing with Run Profiles: With the ability to select a Run Profile tailored to the day's conditions, you're empowered to prepare effectively for your workout or input your own targets. This level of pre-run customization ensures that every run is an opportunity for a perfectly calibrated workout, maximizing your performance and adherence to your power output during every activity.

Precision Power-Based Workouts: Before embarking on a run, users can preview the full workout, setting expectations and mental preparation for the session ahead. During the workout, real-time monitoring keeps you informed of your progress, ensuring adherence to power and effort levels for each workout segment. Additionally, live feedback on the duration remaining and power targets for each segment guides your effort, making every run not just an exercise but a precision-crafted step towards your peak performance. This suite of features transforms the Stryd app into not just a tracking tool, but a personal coach, tailor-made for your journey to running excellence.

Immerse Yourself in the Run: Ease of Use & Vivid Visuals

The redesigned user interface of the Stryd Apple Watch app stands out for its intuitive navigation and streamlined access to features.

Ease of Use Everyday: We've eliminated complexities to bring you a running companion that's both powerful and a pleasure to use. From the moment you strap on your Apple Watch, you're greeted with a clear, concise dashboard that puts all the essential functions at your fingertips, making it simpler than ever to start, monitor, and reflect on your runs.

Vivid Visuals Guide You: New, easy-to-understand icons facilitate seamless customization of settings, ensuring your preparation is as efficient as your run. The introduction of dynamic power zone bars transforms your output into a colorful, visual narrative, allowing for real-time adjustments and a deeper connection with your training intensity. Additionally, customizable metric displays put critical data at your fingertips, tailored precisely to your training needs. This blend of vivid visuals and practical functionality not only simplifies the running process but also makes it a more engaging and personalized journey.

Tailor Your Run: Advanced Customization & Enhanced Control

Understanding that every runner's needs are unique, we've expanded the app's customization capabilities.

Customization To Run Your Way: What truly sets this update apart are the customizable settings that allow you to tailor both run and workout screens to your exact preferences. This means you can prioritize the data that matters most to you, redefining the running experience to be as individual as your training goals.

Control Makes Every Run Yours:  The update includes new visual feedback features during your run, such as workout step duration, effort zone bars, and simplified custom metric views, all designed to enhance your in-activity experience. Post-run, you'll enjoy seamless integration with your Stryd account, alongside intuitive options to review, save, or discard your workouts.

The Pinnacle of Power-Based Running

The latest update to Stryd's Apple Watch app is more than just a visual update; it elevates the standard for what a running app can achieve.

Precision workouts, ease of use, and advanced customization converge to create an unmatched running experience, exclusively for the Stryd app on Apple Watch.

Whether you're aiming to follow a training plan or simply want to track your run with precision, the updated Stryd Apple Watch app is your gateway to run your best.

Update your Stryd Apple Watch app today to unlock the full potential of your runs. Let's redefine what's possible together.

Join the live stream to see it all in action

We will go live to showcase the latest updates to Stryd's Apple Watch app at 2PM MT (-6GMT) on March 7th.

Please join us for a presentation of the incredible new updates available and for a live Q&A session to get your questions answered, or tap the video above to watch the replay.

Getting Started

Please update to the latest version of the Stryd iOS app (>8.1.34) in order to get started with this new update.

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