New Feature: Easily Resume Your Structured Run Training After a Break

New Feature: Easily Resume Your Structured Run Training After a Break

Today, we are announcing a new feature that makes it easier than ever to return to structured run training after taking a break.

This new feature gives you access to two training options to “Get Back to Running” to help you resume consistent running and determine your training intensities so you can return to your running routine with ease and precision — with options of either completing a one week testing plan or just three easy runs!

Let’s dive into the benefits of these new “Get Back to Running” plans and how to use them!

Return to Consistent Running

This new training option will encourage consistency without the pressure of an intense training plan.

The gentle ramp, supplied by the one week testing plan or three easy runs option, will set you up to start any Stryd Training Plan with strength and confidence!

Stryd’s "Get Back to Running" flow is the perfect way to reestablish your running routine.

Return to Precision Training

You can accurately and quickly calculate your Critical Power — even without the intense max effort sessions — with the new “Return to Running” flow.

This feature is crucial because it enables you to immediately start training with precision after a break without the stress that comes with a max effort usually required for a Critical Power test.

You will be ready to jump into one of Stryd’s 5K to Marathon training plans after just a week of running!

How “Get Back to Running” works

You have two options to resume your training. You can select one of the following options:

1. Testing Week: Schedule a one week testing plan, that involves a few max effort runs to calculate Critical Power

2. Three Easy Runs: Schedule three easy runs to estimate Critical Power

Let’s take a closer look:

Complete a one week testing plan to return to running

A one week testing plan has you complete four runs, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour each, with two all-out efforts.

You will establish an accurate Critical Power and restart your running journey with a manageable four run schedule.

After the testing week is over, you will be ready to get started with one of Stryd’s training plans!

Complete three easy runs to estimate Critical Power

Do you want an even easier way to get back to running?

Try out Stryd’s three easy run method!

All you have to do is complete three easy runs and that will be good enough for Stryd to determine an estimated Critical Power

After the three easy runs, you will be ready to get started with one of Stryd’s training plans.

You can expect that your Critical Power will become even more accurate as you follow the standard training plan so your training targets will only get better over time.

How to use the new feature

This feature is accessible in the latest version of the Stryd mobile app.

In order to access this new feature, update to the latest Stryd iOS app or Stryd Android app.

1. Open up the Stryd app
2. Go to Settings
3. Select “Critical Power”
4. Select “Reset Critical Power”
5. Follow the guide for options to select the testing week or the three easy runs plans
6. You are good to “Get Back to Running”. Good luck!

The Stryd app will also automatically detect when you have returned from a break and your training targets could require an update. Watch for prompts in the Stryd mobile app if we think the “Get Back to Running” options are right for you.

Wrap Up

This innovative "Get Back to Running" feature simplifies the process of returning to structured run training after a hiatus, guiding you in return to consistent running and finding the right training intensities.

We can't wait to see you make use of this feature!