New Stryd Mobile App Update: Your Daily Dashboard for Optimal Training with Stryd

New Stryd Mobile App Update: Your Daily Dashboard for Optimal Training with Stryd

We're thrilled to introduce the latest update to the Stryd mobile app – a completely redesigned Summary tab.

This new feature is your daily dashboard, a one-stop view to ensure your training is precisely on track.

Tailored to your needs, the updated Summary tab presents the most crucial information for your daily running with power regimen, now customizable for a truly personalized experience.

Your Power, Your Summary, Your Way

Tailor Your Dashboard: Customize the display and order of these sections to prioritize the information most relevant to you whether it is your fitness metrics, shoe mileage tracking, past and future races, or rest and recovery.

The new redesigned Summary tab is all about your focus and your choice.

Fitness Section: Your Fitness at a Glance

Fitness section gives you an overview of key fitness indicators in the Stryd ecosystem. Every time you complete a key workout, race, or time trials, check in on the fitness section to see how it has informed your capabilities.

  • Critical Power Insights: Stay informed with your current Critical Power, a key indicator of your running performance. Understand where you stand and how you can improve.
  • Power Duration Curve: This feature provides a comprehensive view of your power output across different durations, from sprints to endurance runs, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Training Level Classification: Our innovative classification system categorizes your Critical Power, giving you a clear understanding of your training status and progress.

Shoe Mileage Section: Track the Miles on your Shoes

  • Monitor Your Mileage: Keep track of the miles logged on your running shoes. This crucial detail helps ensure you're not overrunning a shoe’s lifespan, and alerts you when you have exceeded the mileage threshold you have set.

Events Section: Past and Future Performance at Your Fingertips

  • Upcoming Races: Get a sneak peek of your future races, including projected finishing times and suggested power targets, to perfectly plan your race day strategy.
  • Past Races Debrief: Reflect on your past races with detailed insights into your finishing times, helping you celebrate your achievements and plan for future improvements.

Race Calculations: Your Potential, Predicted

  • Estimates for Every Distance: Whether you're aiming for a quick mile or a full marathon, our Race Calculations section provides you with estimated finishing times and suggested power targets, helping you set realistic and challenging goals.

Running Stress Balance: Balanced Training for Quicker Progress

  • Training Load Management: This feature helps you balance your training load, indicating whether you're in Performance, Maintenance, or Productive categories for optimal training, and cautioning you when you are overreaching with your training volume.

Access the redesigned Summary tab today and customize your view!

The redesigned Summary tab is a transformation in how you view and interact with your training data, giving all of your key details each time you open up the Stryd mobile app.

This new update is available today on both the Android and iOS versions of the Stryd mobile app. (version >8.1.25 of the Stryd iOS app or version >8.15.18 of the Stryd Android app)

With personalization at its core, this feature empowers you to make informed decisions every day, keeping your training efficient, effective, and enjoyable.

Happy running, Stryders – here's to reaching new peaks with power!