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Major Stryd Launch: Guided, Professional, & Fun Training

Today, we are proud to announce a number of new features that will bring powerful tools to all Stryders. All Stryd pod owners, whether you are subscribed to the membership or not, are receiving a major upgrade.

The Stryd Membership now offers a complete guided, professional, & fun training toolset for a premium running experience.

And, the Stryd platform (available to all Stryd pod owners) now offers a complete A-Z training experience with free power-based training plans & racing predictions.

Let’s take a look at the new features being announced today!

New Stryd Membership Features

  • Training Plan Builder: Create a customized training plan that fits your life with the Training Plan Builder
  • Training Plan Analyzer: Track and analyze your training plan progress with the Training Plan Analyzer (The update for the iOS version of the Stryd app will be available in October.)
  • Training Plan Library: Build, save, iterate to create your perfect training plan with the Training Plan Library
  • Coach’s View: Invite your coach to analyze your Stryd data with the Coach’s View, including access to Stryd Membership analytics for your account

Now Available for Everyone

  • Pre-built Training Plans: With pre-built power-based training plans ranging from 5Ks to Marathons, Stryd can help you get to the starting line confident and fresh.
  • Race Calculations Table: Know your racing capability with the Race Calculations Table
  • Coach’s View: Invite your coach to analyze your Stryd data with the Coach’s View

Let’s take a closer look at each new feature launching today.

Create a training plan that fits your life with the Training Plan Builder

The key to training is consistency.

If you can get out there and complete every workout in your training plan, your chances of success skyrocket compared to someone who only completes a fraction of their training plan.

That idea motivated us to build the new Training Plan Builder.

We have built a fully customizable system that enables you to pick which days you want to train and the types of workouts which make sense for you.

This tool enables you to build a training plan that fits your life. You're able to rest on the days you need to and train hard when you're ready to step it up.

Plus, your schedule is easily modifiable as you go. You can always flip rest days & workouts as needed.

The days of stressing to fit a run into your training schedule are over!

Learn more about the Training Plan Builder here >

Track your training plan progress with the Training Plan Analyzer

We have built the easiest-to-use training plan analysis tool ever.

The Training Plan Analyzer will assist you in achieving that perfect training block.

You will learn how your performance measures up to your plan after every training session.

Plus, Stryd predicts on how you will improve. That includes the ability to watch your projected race time drop as you progress through the plan!

It only takes a few months of focused training to elevate your fitness further than you ever could imagine.

Execute your perfect training block with the Training Plan Analyzer!

Learn more about the Training Plan Analyzer here >

Enjoy your previous training plan? Repeat your success with the Training Plan Library

Why change something that works? With the Training Plan Library, you can save your best training plans & execute them whenever.

This tool is an incredibly powerful resource that will help you keep a record of your training plans.

You can make edits and tweaks to your training plan, review previous weeks of training and add plans to your training calendar as you prepare for your next race.

Learn more about the Training Plan Library here >

Easily collaborate with your coach using the new Coach's View

Stryd is going beyond empowering your analysis. Now, you can invite your coach to view the same stats, insights, and recommendations you’re using in your training! Free, simple, and powerful analysis gives you and your coach an edge.

The Coach’s View will make your coach’s job easier, bring harmony to your training, while improving your training with the power of Stryd!

You get to combine the expertise of your coach with Stryd’s incredibly powerful tools.

Learn more about the Coach’s View here, including instructions on how to get started >

Note: Coach’s View is only available on the Stryd PowerCenter.

Watch the announcement & get a demo of the new features

Evan Schwartz from the Stryd team will walk you through the new features being announced today!

Get Started with the New Features

The new Training Plan Analyzer, Training Plan Library, and Training Plan Builder features are immediately available on the Android version of the Stryd app, as part of the Stryd Membership. The update for the iOS version of the Stryd app will be available in October.

  1. The Training Plan Library is available in the 'Library' tab inside of the Stryd mobile app.
  2. The Training Plan Builder is available by selecting a plan inside of the 'Library' tab or creating a new plan.
  3. The Training Plan Analyzer is available by selecting the 'Analysis' tab and then selecting your training plan.

Instructions on how to use the Coach’s View

Visit this blog post for instructions on how to start using the Coach’s View with your coach >

Empowering Runners With Guided, Professional, & Fun Training

The Stryd Membership is now offered with guided, professional, and fun training that is perfect for runners of any level, giving you a whole new premium running experience.

We have also upgraded the Stryd platform to offer all Stryders access to a complete A-Z training experience. Free power-based training plans & racing plans are available to all Stryd pod owners.

Head over to buy.stryd.com to buy Stryd today or upgrade to the Stryd Membership on the Stryd PowerCenter or Stryd mobile app to get access to these new features.

We hope these new features will enable all Stryders to reach new levels and achievements. We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish with this new release!

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