/ Feature Release

New Feature: Enjoy your previous training plan? Repeat your success with the Training Plan Library

Today, we are introducing a powerful new feature to the  Stryd Membership: the Training Plan Library, a collection of your best & favorite training plans.

What is the Training Plan Library?

The Training Plan Library is your personal collection of your favorite training plans. You can save any training plan to the library, edit it at any time, and then add it to your training calendar.

This feature is perfect if you have a really great training block leading up to a race and want to repeat the experience by executing the training plan again.

What inspired us to build the Training Plan Library?

We created the Training Plan Library so you can repeat your best training cycle over and over again.

You have the flexibility to make a few tweaks after every training cycle and then drop the plan right back into the calendar to repeat it and keep the improvements going!

How does the Training Plan Library work?

You can save any training plan you have in your Stryd account to your Training Plan Library.

After the plan is saved, you can edit it further to make improvements or you can add it back to your training calendar to execute again!

How to access the Training Plan Library

The Training Plan Library is available today in the Stryd mobile app, as part of the Stryd Membership. Be sure to update your Stryd mobile app to the latest version in order to access this feature.

You can access the Training Plan Library by selecting the ‘Library’ tab in the Stryd mobile app & then selecting ‘Training Plans’ in the top navigation bar.