Now Available on iOS: Training Plan Builder & Library

Now Available on iOS: Training Plan Builder & Library

The Training Plan Builder & Training Plan Library are now available in the iOS version of the Stryd app!

This update brings guided, professional, and fun tools to the Stryd Membership to create a premium running experience.

Let’s take a look at the new features being introduced to the iOS version of the Stryd app today!

Note: These features are already available to the Android version of the Stryd app. Be sure to update to the latest version of the Stryd app if you do not have access yet to these new Stryd Membership features.

Create a training plan that fits your life with the Training Plan Builder

The Training Plan Builder provides a few convenient builder features that makes it fast & easy to build your own training plan.

Here are a few of the highlights:

- In just a few taps, Stryd will generate a complete training plan for you. We take care of the basics and you can begin to customize it to make it your own.

- You can select from over 80+ pre-built power-based workouts to add into your plan to quickly customize your plan.

- If you need to make a tweak to any workout, you can edit it in just a few taps! You can extend runs, add strides in, increase intensity, and more.

After you have built the plan, you get access to some awesome features to see if the plan makes sense and is accomplishing the intended goal.

- You can see projected weekly averages for mileage, duration, and Running Stress Score to get an immediate sense if the plan has enough volume

- View a week-by-week visual breakdown of your easy runs, long runs, and workouts to see if you are optimally building and tapering for your race with the training plan

- Training Plan Builder also gives you the tools to break your plan into phases to help you compartmentalize the different sections of the training plan.

To access the Training Plan Builder:

Open the Stryd mobile app > Tap on the Library tab > Tap on the Training plan tab > Tap the + button to create a new training plan

Enjoy your previous training plan? Repeat your success with the Training Plan Library

Why change something that works? With the Training Plan Library, you can save your best training plans & execute them whenever you want.

This tool is an incredibly powerful resource that will help you keep a record of your training plans.

You can make edits and tweaks to your training plan, review previous weeks of training and add plans to your training calendar as you prepare for your next race.

Learn more about the Training Plan Library here >

To access the Training Plan Library:

Open the Stryd mobile app > Tap on the Library tab > Tap on the Training plan tab > Select a training plan to view it or add it to your calendar

Watch a demo of the new features & getting started

You can access these new Stryd Membership features in version 7.3 of the Stryd iOS app.

If you do not yet have the latest version of the iOS app, visit the app store to download it >

If you have an Android phone, these features are already available! Be sure to update to the latest version of the Android app.

If you do not yet have the Stryd Membership, here are instructions on how to upgrade >

Empowering Runners With Guided, Professional, & Fun Training

The Stryd Membership is now offered with guided, professional, and fun training that is perfect for runners of any level, giving you a whole new premium running experience.

Head over to to buy Stryd today or upgrade to the Stryd Membership on the Stryd PowerCenter or Stryd mobile app to get access to these new features.

There is more to come!

The iOS version of the Stryd app will also be receiving another update to include the new Training Plan Analyzer in just a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Excited about these features? These are just a subset of the new features we released recently!

We also released a Coach’s View & released new features for all Stryd users recently. Read this blog post for details on these additional features!

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