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Stryd Membership is launching | Deals just for you & new features too

We have huge news for you!

Today, the Stryd Membership officially launches out of the free preview period.*

With today’s launch, we’re adding even more new features to the Stryd Membership & we have a special offer ready for you today to get immediate access now.

We have been blown away by everything that the Stryd Community has accomplished with the Stryd Membership free preview since it launched last October.

Your enthusiasm & accomplishments have motivated the Stryd team to develop new features. With these new features, Stryd wants to help you build on even more training momentum for a successful racing season this year.

The Stryd team has prepared two special announcements to keep you training with all your new favorite Stryd features. Let’s check out the news!

* Free preview access of the Stryd Membership will end on May 5th or 6 months after your Stryd account was created, on whichever date is later. Log in to your Stryd account on PowerCenter for more information. Read more here >

Workout Builder & Workout Library are launching with the Stryd Membership

We are releasing one of the most in-depth & easy to use features we have ever built with the launch of the Stryd Membership: the Workout Builder & Workout Library.

A new, intuitive Workout Builder & Workout Library enables full customization of your training schedule. With ease and speed, you can now quickly spin up your own power-based workouts or select from over 30+ pre-built options, including legendary workouts inspired by running lore.

This is one of the most in-depth & easy to use features we have ever built and it has the biggest potential to make major changes to your Stryd experience. Go discover more about it now!

Read more about the Workout Builder & Workout Library >

Keep your Stryd Membership going with our special introductory offer.

We have prepared a special introductory offer for the launch of the Stryd Membership: $19.99 USD for their first six months of membership*.

This exclusive introductory offer for existing Stryders is over 65% off the normal price of the Stryd Membership. (The membership will be priced at $9.99 USD per month*).

This is a limited time offer. For all our existing Stryd users you will have May 6th to decide if you would like to use the special introductory offer ($19.99 USD for their first six months of membership).

Ready to upgrade to the Stryd Membership?

This Introductory Offer is only available via the PowerCenter. (You cannot access this via the Stryd mobile app.)

Click here for instructions on how to upgrade & take advantage of this offer >

This is the Stryd team's way of saying thank you to all our early supporters for their feedback and engagement. We look forward to your continued support as we release our next wave of features.

* Exact price varies by region. Log in to your Stryd account on PowerCenter to see the price in your region. Read more here >

New Training Plans | 8 more plans to fit everyone’s schedule

Our list of Stryd-developed power-based training plans is growing and becoming more inclusive to fit more runner’s capabilities, preferred volume, schedules & timeline. We are proud to be introducing eight new high-quality training plans ranging from 5K to Marathon!

Read more about the new training plans here >

It is a critical time to prepare for your next race. Your training this Spring will be the difference maker in pursuit of your ultimate running goals. The combination of our introductory deal for the Stryd Membership, the new training plans, and Workout Builder/Library will allow you to accomplish your goals this season and beyond.

Thanks for your support!

We cannot wait to see what you accomplish with the Stryd Membership next.

Watch the announcement of the Stryd Membership & the Introductory Offer

If you are interested in buying Stryd for the first time, check out our new Stryd + Membership offering to get Stryd at our most accessible price ever. Click here to learn more >

If you are interested in learning more about the Stryd Membership or have a question about this feature, check out our knowledge base for more information. Visit the knowledge base >