New Auto-Sync Feature for Stryd Footpath Helps You Unlock Run Insights Easier & Faster

New Auto-Sync Feature for Stryd Footpath Helps You Unlock Run Insights Easier & Faster

New Auto-Sync Feature for Stryd Footpath

We're excited to announce a transformative update to the Stryd mobile app—now featuring auto-sync for Stryd Footpath data from Stryd Duo.

This cutting-edge feature is designed to deliver your running data instantly after each session, allowing you to dive deeper into your performance & fatigue stats — without delay.

Seamless Automatic Sync

Gone are the days of manually uploading your Footpath data. With the latest update, your Stryd Footpath data seamlessly syncs to your mobile app immediately following each run.

This means less time setting up and more time analyzing what truly matters—your Footpath—to recover from injury, monitor fatigue, visualize performance, track footwear impacts, and more.

The process to analyze your Stryd Footpath is simple!

  1. Run with Stryd Duo
  2. Open the Stryd app after the run to start the automatic Footpath sync

Now, you can analyze your Stryd Footpath data easier than ever.

Note: To activate this new feature, you will first need to update to the latest version of the Stryd Duo firmware ( and the latest version of the Stryd mobile app (Version 8.17.1 for Android and Version 8.1.44 for iOS)

Groundbreaking Use Cases

Manage Injury Risk and Recovery:

Injuries can set any runner back. The new Stryd Footpath feature helps you track the minutiae of your footpath, enabling you to identify subtle changes that may indicate recovery progress or injury risk. By monitoring these changes, you can adjust your training to manage injury risk and take action before they happen.

Combatting Fatigue:

Fatigue is more than just feeling tired; it's a significant barrier to performance. Now, with continuous access to your footpath data, you can monitor how fatigue impacts your runs over time. This immediate feedback allows for timely adjustments in your training schedule, helping you maintain peak condition.

Enhancing Training with Drills:

Drills are essential for improving form and efficiency, but their true impact can sometimes be elusive. With auto-sync, you can visualize the effects of different drills on your footpath, helping you choose the most beneficial exercises tailored to your needs.

Footwear Analysis:

The shoes you wear play a crucial role in your running dynamics. This update empowers you to observe how different footwear options alter your footpath, influencing everything from stride length to ground contact time. Make informed decisions about the shoes that best support your running goals.

Performance Insights:

Every runner strives to improve, and now you can visualize how your performance transforms with each run. The auto-sync feature provides you with immediate, personalized indicators of your progress, turning every run into a data-driven analysis session.

Unlock Run Insights Easier & Faster

This latest update to the Stryd mobile app is your new partner in the pursuit of running excellence. Ready to explore your potential? Update your app today and transform the way you train.

Dive into the new features by updating your Stryd mobile app.

Not a Stryder yet? Visit our store to find out how Stryd Duo + Stryd Footpath can elevate your running experience.

Join the live stream to see it all in action

The Stryd Team is going live at 12PM MT (+6GMT) on June 18th. Please join us for a presentation on the new auto-sync feature for Stryd Footpath, learn how to get started, and for a live Q&A session to get your questions answered!