Power Up Your Training with the New Stryd PowerCenter Calendar View

Power Up Your Training with the New Stryd PowerCenter Calendar View

New Stryd PowerCenter Calendar Redesign | Available Now

We're thrilled to introduce a significant update to the Stryd PowerCenter that makes it easier than ever to analyze your Stryd data.

With a fresh, streamlined Calendar view, this update is designed to enhance your experience and make training data more accessible, especially on smaller screens.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting out, these new features are tailored to help you optimize your training sessions and achieve your running goals more efficiently.

What’s New in the Calendar View?

The redesigned Calendar view in the Stryd PowerCenter brings a host of improvements and new features designed to streamline your interaction with your training data. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enhanced Navigation: Easily scroll through your activity data to quickly find the insights you need. This makes analyzing your runs simpler and more intuitive, saving you time and effort.
  • Improved Daily Overview: For those intense training days with multiple sessions, the new view ensures all activities are easy to access and review. Each run stands out, giving you a clear picture of your daily efforts.
  • Integrated Training Plans: View planned structured workouts along with recommendations for drills and plyometrics right in your calendar. This integration helps you prepare effectively for each session and ensures you’re on track with your training goals.

Jump to Footpath

One of the standout features of the redesigned Calendar view for Stryd Duo + Stryd Membership users is the ability to "Jump to Footpath".

With just a click, you can instantly dive into analyzing your Stryd Footpath data for any activity recorded with Stryd Footpath.

This seamless integration allows you to quickly visualize your Footpath helping you make data-driven decisions to improve your performance and track running form changes related to injury and fatigue.

  • Injury: Track your recovery process through quantifying subtle changes in your footpath as you recover from an injury.
  • Fatigue: Monitor how and when you begin to fatigue across each run, so you can tailor your training and combat fatigue.
  • Drills: Quantify and visualize the impact of your drills on your footpath to determine they are providing the intended benefits.
  • Footwear: Observe how different shoe choices reshape your footpath and contribute towards and impact your running.
  • Performance: Visualize your footpath to determine personalized indicators of how your footpath changes as your performance transforms.

The "Jump to Footpath" feature ensures that detailed analysis is always at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to track your running journey.

Learn more about Stryd Duo + Stryd Footpath here >>

Customizable Display Options

Understanding that every runner has unique preferences, the updated Calendar view includes customizable options to tailor your data display to your liking:

  • Expanded or Condensed View: Toggle between an expanded view, which gives a detailed look at each day’s activities, and a condensed view, allowing you to see more days at a glance.
  • Weekly Summary: Enable this option to get a quick snapshot of your weekly training load, including total miles run, running stress score, and overall duration. This feature is great for keeping an eye on your progress and ensuring you’re not overtraining.

Why This Matters

The enhancements to the Stryd PowerCenter Calendar view are more than just aesthetic.

They're about making data more actionable and training more effective. By providing a clearer view of your activities and an easier way to access detailed data, these updates help you make informed decisions about your training.

Whether adjusting your schedule, analyzing trends, or planning future workouts, the new Calendar view supports your journey to becoming a stronger, more efficient runner.

The latest update to the Stryd PowerCenter is all about empowering you, the runner, with better tools to view, understand, and act on your training data.

With these enhancements, Stryd continues to innovate in ways that make high-tech training accessible and beneficial for runners of all levels.

Dive into the new Calendar view today and see how it transforms your training experience!