Spring Racing Highlights From Team Stryd!

Spring Racing Highlights From Team Stryd!

The 2024 spring racing season is underway and the Stryd Community is already leaving its mark! 

Across the board, Stryders are setting new personal bests in races ranging from 5Ks to marathons, with some even shaving up to 48 minutes off their previous marathon bests!

These outstanding performances stem from consistent training, increased confidence, and mastery of power pacing strategies, enabling Stryders to run stronger and longer. 

Let's review some spring racing highlights from the community!

No More Guesswork, Let Power Be Your Guide

Transform Your Training & Racing with Stryd

Set a 48-Minute Personal Marathon Best

Pace Your Next Race to Perfection

A Critical Tool For Runners of All Levels

More Confidence in Your Capabilities

Crucial For Downhill Running & Into the Wind

Predict Your Finishing Times & Then Achieve Them

Did you know that the Race Power Calculator is one of the most powerful features in the Stryd ecosystem?

Muriel & Judith along with many other Stryders use this membership tool to help them plan specifically for the exact challenges they can expect to see on race day and see how their performance translates into a finishing time.

  • Race Course: to account for the distance and elevation profile
  • Environmental Factors: to account for temperature, humidity, and elevation
  • Your Stryd Profile: Your Critical Power and Power Duration Curve is used to determine your capability on race day

Are you ready to plan for your best race?

If you have not already upgraded to the Stryd Membership, now is the time. The Stryd Membership will give you full access to the Race Power Calculator. Your last 90 days of Stryd data will be used to determine your prediction so you can immediately get guidance for your next race!

Do You Have a Stryd Success Story?

We would love to hear it and celebrate your successes together!

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