Optimize Your Race Course Readiness with these New Workouts!

Optimize Your Race Course Readiness with these New Workouts!

We are thrilled to announce our new Race Course-Specific Workouts for the month of October.

For this workout series, we selected four of the top fall marathons in the US and designed course-specific workouts for each to help you prepare for the terrain you will face come race day. Our workout lineup features courses from two World Major Marathons as well as two of the top Boston Marathon qualifier courses you may find yourself running this fall.

Let’s take a look at the workouts released this month!

Closer Look at the October Race Course-Specific Workouts!

You can enhance your overall readiness for race day by adding these race course-specific workouts into your training plan.

  • Chicago Marathon Course Prep: 2 x 5k at MP on a flat route, 4 x 30 seconds at 5k power on a flat route
  • Marine Corps Marathon Course Prep: 6k gradual climb at MP, 5 x 3 minutes over flat terrain at HMP
  • NYC Marathon Course Prep: 2 miles on flat terrain at MP, 4 x 800 meter gradual uphill repeats at MP, 2 miles on flat terrain at MP
  • CIM Marathon Course Prep: 10 minutes gradual downhill at MP, 25 minutes over rolling hills at MP, 10 minutes gradual downhill at HMP

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