Elevate Your Track Training With Running Power

Elevate Your Track Training With Running Power

How can running power enhance track training?

Running on a track offers a controlled environment that's excellent for specific types of workouts, such as interval training or speed work. You can train with a high degree of precision to get even more from your training.

By leveraging running power, runners can take their track workouts to the highest level of precision. You can get the best real time feedback, post-run analysis, and workout comparison data when you take running power to the track.

Let’s dive into the benefits of using running power for track workouts.

Strategy #1: Monitor intensity mid rep to stay on track with running power

Savvy track runners know how to gauge their intensity at every 100 meter mark with a quick glance at the timer on their watch and some quick mental math.

Determining instant pace on a track isn’t easy! The process can be mentally taxing for long workouts, and is not convenient especially if you are having difficulty finding a consistent rhythm.

Running power makes it incredibly easy to accurately track your intensity at any point in a workout.

Stryd’s running power is incredibly responsive, especially with the Next Gen Stryd that features power values up to 5x more responsive compared to previous generations of Stryd.

Stryd can tell you your instant effort in an accurate way that GPS watches cannot. Plus, you can access your power with just a glance at your watch.

No complex math or remembering splits necessary.

Power makes it easy to settle in at your goal intensity at any time for precision track training.

Strategy #2: Check peak power to monitor rep-by-rep consistency to limit undue fatigue

Have you ever started out extremely fast during a 400 meter repeat on a track and jogged the last 100 meters to slow down and hit your goal split?

Many of us are all guilty of it!

Your splits may look perfect when you analyze your data post-workout, but all of those mis-paced repetitions definitely add up week over week to cause undue fatigue and injury risk.

Running power once again makes it exceptionally easy to instantaneously monitor intensity to make sure that you are not running lopsided repetitions.

Post-workout analysis of power gives you an instant visual to identify those repetitions and recognize the impact of “fast starts.”

Keep your power consistent throughout the duration of a repetition to maximize the impact of your track workouts!

Strategy #3: Go beyond speed, control for wind & environmental conditions with power

While the track offers a controlled environment that's excellent for tracking training with precision, external factors, like wind, heat, and humidity, still play an important role.

Running power gives you the perfect tools to account for these factors for precision workouts regardless of conditions.

With Stryd, you can account for the real time impact of wind resistance with power. Although lap splits might be slower when running into a headwind, you can have complete confidence you are running to your targets by monitoring your running power.

Plus, you can account for the impact of temperature, humidity, and altitude before and after the run to adjust your power targets and make head to head workout comparisons.

For example, if you are expecting a hot and humid day, you can adjust your power targets ahead of time to lower your power target ahead of the workout using simple tools like the SuperPower Calculator.

Or, in the case of unexpected conditions, you can quantify the impact that the weather had during the run, such as with Stryd’s Apple Watch app, or after the fact to see if you performed to expectations.

Stryd gives you the tools to manage the uncontrollable factors of weather for the best precision when running on the track.

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The controlled environment of a track is already conducive to specialized workouts like interval and speed training.

Incorporating running power into your track workouts elevates the precision and effectiveness of your training. Now, you're armed with a comprehensive toolkit for performance improvement. Leveraging running power on the track can offer invaluable insights into your form, pacing, and overall fitness.

So the next time you hit the track, consider using running power metrics to truly maximize the benefits of your workout.