Perfect Pacing in Any Environment: Real Time Heat, Humidity, and Elevation Power on Stryd’s Apple Watch App

Perfect Pacing in Any Environment: Real Time Heat, Humidity, and Elevation Power on Stryd’s Apple Watch App

Today, we are introducing our groundbreaking update to bring real time heat-adjusted, humidity-adjusted, and elevation-adjusted power to Stryd’s Apple Watch App, as an open beta. This new feature is designed to help you adapt your running intensity to real-time environmental conditions.

By adapting your pace to real-time environmental conditions, you'll unlock the ability to master even pacing. Elevate your running experience and take your endurance to new heights with the unparalleled pacing-precision of this new update to Stryd's Apple Watch App.

Enhance your endurance during training and drop your finishing time during races

Boost your endurance in training and achieve faster race times by adjusting your running intensity based on environmental factors. Manage your power output by scaling down in hot, humid, or high elevation environments, and scaling up in cool, dry, or lower elevation conditions. This results in enhanced endurance, precise training, and optimal race performance. You'll maintain consistent effort across varying conditions, unlocking your best performance.

In submaximal efforts, like training runs, you'll notice improvements during the later half, because you will have avoided pushing too hard in the beginning. For races, the benefits will be immediate, allowing you to excel in any race day conditions and avoid overexertion during challenging circumstances.

Improve your training adaptations by optimizing intensity and recovery

By considering environmental conditions, you can adhere to your training plan more effectively, leading to long-term performance improvements.

Running at the right intensity for the environment minimizes stress on the body, promoting optimal recovery within your training plan. This enables runners to recover faster from sessions, ensuring peak performance during hard workouts and proper recovery during easy runs.

Optimize comfort in difficult conditions

In hot, humid, or high elevation running conditions, it's easy to unintentionally overexert yourself.

By adjusting your running intensity with Stryd’s guidance, you can maintain a comfortable intensity your body is accustomed to, avoiding situations where you struggle to run at your usual paces in difficult conditions or underpowering your runs in more favorable environmental conditions.

How does the new environmental power feature work?

This new feature utilizes Stryd's environmental sensors to record the conditions you're running in. By analyzing your recent running history in your Stryd profile, it determines if these conditions are typical for you and makes the necessary adjustments.

An environmentally adjusted power metric is displayed in real-time during your run. Use this metric like you would running power: monitor it in real-time to maintain your intended running intensity.

You can also compare environmentally adjusted power with your running power to see the environment's impact on your output.

This real-time guide helps you achieve perfect pacing in any running condition.

New Metrics to track the environment’s impact on your run.

Stryd offers a simple and precise way to monitor how the environment impacts your run!

You get a new value called Environmental Adjusted Power that gives you a single, real time value to gauge your effort. You can place the Environmental Power in your data screens to view the data with convenience.

In addition to Environmental Adjusted Power, we offer two more metrics: temperature and humidity. These metrics come directly from the Stryd pod, allowing you to keep track of the conditions during your run.

Open Beta for Environmental Adjusted Power

We are introducing this feature as an open beta. That means that this release is ‘experimental’ in nature and the future of the feature will be influenced based on your feedback.

Initially, one of our main objectives will be to integrate the Environmental Adjusted Power value deeper into the Stryd ecosystem over the upcoming weeks and months. Apple Watch is just the first platform we are introducing this new feature on. Stay tuned for news  on this feature becoming available on other platforms, such as Garmin.

Please let us know your feedback on this feature including how you are using it for success in your running routine and what you would like to see next!

Getting Started

This new feature is available for Stryd Membership users on the Stryd Apple Watch app.

Please see the following article for instructions on how to enable Environmental Adjusted Power on your Apple Watch!

Perform Your Best Everywhere, Everyday

Our new innovative real-time heat-adjusted, humidity-adjusted, and elevation-adjusted environmental power feature on Stryd's Apple Watch App helps you discover the key to becoming an adaptable, resilient runner.

You will be able to harness the power of Stryd's power-based technology to extract maximum benefits from every run, regardless of the weather or elevation.