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iOS Release: Track your training plan progress with the Training Plan Analyzer

The Training Plan Analyzer is now available in the iOS version of the Stryd app!

Training Plan Analyzer is the go-to view to see if your training is on track. You get a real time view of the most important stats you should be tracking when you are training.

Here are some of the great benefits of this new feature:

  1. Watch your predicted race time fall as you improve
  2. Track your training load week over week to ensure you are getting the necessary training volume in
  3. Monitor temperature and humidity conditions to know how well you can handle the environmental conditions

Note: These features are already available to the Android version of the Stryd app. Be sure to update to the latest version of the Stryd app if you do not have access yet to these new Stryd Membership features.

What inspired us to build the Training Plan Analyzer?

A single perfect training block can push your fitness further than you ever imagined.

Training Plan Analyzer is your trusty guide that tells you if you are on track and gives you the critical insight needed to make adjustments to your training.

How does the Training Plan Analyzer work?

The Training Plan Analyzer is one of the simplest features we have ever built: all the analysis is done for you.

If you are currently following a training plan, you will receive a progress report on how well it is going. The Training Plan Analyzer is updated every time you complete a new run as part of your training plan.

This feature will be an invaluable part of your daily analysis routine.

How to access the Training Plan Analyzer

The Training Plan Analyzer is available today in the Stryd mobile app (version >7.4 on iOS), as part of the Stryd Membership. Be sure to update your Stryd mobile app to the latest version in order to access this feature.

You can access the Training Plan Analyzer by selecting the ‘Analysis’ tab in the Stryd mobile app and then selecting your active training plan.

Note: You will need to add an active training plan in order to access this functionality.

Empowering Runners With Guided, Professional, & Fun Training

The Stryd Membership is now offered with guided, professional, and fun training that is perfect for runners of any level, giving you a whole new premium running experience.

Head over to buy.stryd.com to buy Stryd today or upgrade to the Stryd Membership on the Stryd PowerCenter or Stryd mobile app to get access to these new features.

Excited about these features? These are just a subset of the new features we released recently!

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