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Closer Look: Tips to create your own power-based workouts

  • Do you have a favorite running workout that you have always wanted to execute using running power?
  • Are you ready to convert your pace or heart rate based plan to be based on running power?
  • Do you want to add some extra excitement to your power-based training with a special workout you have created yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have good news for you!

Now, you can create your own power-based workouts using either Final Surge or TrainingPeaks and import those workouts into Stryd.

Let's take a look at a few strategies you can use to create your own power-based workouts.

Base your workout on Critical Power for ease and portability

One of the key principles to quickly creating a great workout that you can use over and over again is to base your intensity targets on Critical Power.

Intensity targets that are based on Critical Power anchor the targets to your current fitness. You can execute the workout again and again because the targets changes as your fitness changes so that the workout stays relevant. This also means that you can easily share the workouts with other runners so that they can execute the workout according to their Critical Power.

For example, let's say that your Critical Power is 300 watts and you want to create an easy run with a few strides at the end. Your easy running is at 70% of Critical Power and your strides are done at 110% of Critical Power.

If you create a workout that is based on power targets by inputting 210 watts for the easy running and 330 watts for the strides, you will need to create this workout again when you Critical Power updates so that the wattage targets are relevant.

If you create a workout based on % of Critical Power, you can execute this workout today and you can re-import this workout again in a few months when your Critical Power updates!

Tip: Make sure you have auto-calculated Critical Power enabled on your account so that your Critical Power automatically updates as your fitness changes!

Convert your pace or heart rate targets to power targets using your Stryd data

One major reason that runners convert their pace or heart rate based workouts over to running power is because power is more comprehensive, more consistent, and more responsive. Running power can comprehensively consider wind and hills compared to pace. Running power is more consistent on a day-to-day basis and more responsive during mixed intensity workouts compared to heart rate.

How can you easily convert your pace targets and heart rate targets over to running power?

It is pretty easy to make a quick change.

For pace, it is easy to make a simple translation from pace to power. You should determine your running power for a given pace target when running on a flat surface in a windless environment by looking at your Stryd data. Then, you can switch your workout over to power instead of pace. When you start running uphill/downhill or run into a headwind, you will use power to guide your effort.

If you want to make a more exact but complex translation from pace to power, you should use the Running Effectiveness concept. You can read more about Running Effectiveness here: https://www.powerpacing.run/key-concepts/running-effectiveness/

For heart rate, we have a few rule-of-thumb tables that will help you make the conversion.

Karvonen heart rate zones are based on the following equation:

Target heart rate = ((Max heart rate - Resting heart rate) × % intensity) + Resting heart rate

If you use a similar heart rate zone system that is based on your resting and maximum heart rate values, these zone mappings may be applicable for you.

TrainingPeaks heart rate zones are based on heart rate at lactate threshold.

If you use a similar heart rate zones system that is based on heart rate at lactate threshold, these zone mappings may be applicable for you.

Tip: If you have a training plan based on heart rate or pace that you like to use, you don't have to abandon it! You can convert that plan over to power-based targets and keep following that plan.

Make your own workouts challenging, but realistic using the Model Curve

Do you want to design your own workout? Make sure it is realistic!

We recommend to look at the Model Curve on PowerCenter to determine your theoretical maximal power output at a given duration.

If you are designing a challenging interval or repetition workout, you should make sure that you are not exceeding your maximal capabilities for the duration of any single interval or repetition. In fact, you should ensure that your target is underneath the Model Curve so that you can be sure you can complete that interval for your intended count.

If you are designing a workout for a max effort time trial or creating a specific fitness test, you may want to use the Model Curve as the minimal target you want to aim for to ensure that you are pushing yourself beyond your previous capabilities.

Tip: You can also use the Race Power Calculator to determine your maximal power output for a given duration or distance. This can be useful data point when designing a max effort time trial or fitness test as well.

Getting Started & Instructions

Creating your own workout using Final Surge or TrainingPeaks and importing it into Stryd is easy.

Step 1: Create the workout

Create your power-based workout using Final Surge: Instructions here>>

Create your power-based workout using TrainingPeaks: Instructions here>>

Step 2: Import that workout into PowerCenter: Instructions here>>

Step 3: Import that workout into your compatible watch: Instructions here>>

When: Friday, October 16 @ 3PM MT (GMT-6)‌
Where: Youtube: https://youtu.be/Tle4CO5Eya0
Why: Evan Schwartz from the Stryd Team will show you how he creates and executes power-based workouts

Final Word

With Stryd's new compatibility with Final Surge and TrainingPeaks, you can create your own power-based running workouts to take total control of your training.
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