Closer Look: Tag your runs to discover new insights in your Stryd data

Closer Look: Tag your runs to discover new insights in your Stryd data

Are you looking to spot trends in your data — without the complex process of transferring all of your data to a spreadsheet and sifting through it yourself?

Do you want simple insights that inform you what updates you need to make to your running routine?

Do you want these insights to be served to you automatically after every run?

Now, Stryd analyzes and compares similar training sessions against each other to uncover new insights and connections in your data and gives you those insights after every run.

Let's take a look at the new insight cards in the Stryd iOS mobile app.

Find Impactful Runs with the Power Duration Curve card

You can quickly identify what runs are nearing or exceeding your personal best performances with the Impactful Run Sections in the Power Duration Curve insight card.

This card visualizes if and how each run uniquely contributes to your current fitness.

See your training distribution with the Time in Zones card

Are you spending your training time effectively? Now, it is easy to figure that out with the Time in Zone card.

You will see how you spent your training effort during each run and how that effort compares against your last week of training for easy, guided post-run analysis.

Visualize how your training has impacted you with Feel & Perceived Effort cards

How well are you handling your training? Has it been too easy? Too stressful?

Feel & Perceived Effort cards let you quickly visualize how each run has left you feeling to spot under & over training trends.

Monitor your long run capabilities with the Long Run Trend card

Are you effectively building your endurance?

The Long Run Trend card shows how your long run stacks up against your other long runs with trend graphs across all of Stryd's metrics.

Note: This insight is provided for more run types, such as easy runs and recovery runs! You will receive trends when you tag enough runs with a given run type.

Quantify your recent training tendencies with Surface Type & Run Type cards

Did you know that 50% of your recent running has been uphill long runs on trails?

Or, that 25% of your training time has been flat easy runs on grass?

These insight cards will help you quantify recent training tendencies by finding commonalities across your runs.

Track your shoes and their lifespan with the Shoe Mileage card

Every shoe has a lifespan. Don't risk missing your best performance or unnecessarily risk injury by running in expired and worn-out shoes.

Sustain your training with the Recovery card

Is your recent training sustainable or are you pushing too hard into a risky overtraining zone?

The Recovery insight card shows how your training session compares against other recent sessions, in terms of stress, so you can spot over or under training risks.

Getting Started

In order to get started with insights, you first need to tag your activities!

See this article for instructions on how to tag activities >>

After you tag your activities, you will find new insights cards when you select a run in your Stryd iOS mobile app.

Note:  You may not receive every insight card for every run. Insights are uniquely assigned to each run based on what kinds of tags that run has.

When: Tuesday, October 3 @ 3PM MT (GMT-6)
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Why: Evan Schwartz from the Stryd Team will show you his favorite insights cards and how he uses them in training

Final Word

You did the hard work by completing the training and collecting the data. Now, let Stryd find the meaningful insights!

We hope that these insight cards will help you find the important commonalities in your data to make post-run analysis easy.

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