Stryd is Ready for Kona Demos

Triathletes, runners, endurance fans and tech aficionados attending the upcoming Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii will be treated to the first public opportunity to test Stryd, the pioneering wearable power meter designed for running.

Anyone attending the Ironman World Championship in Kona is invited to visit Stryd in the Ironman expo (booth #85) to test Stryd during a treadmill run. Additionally, we will offer exclusive Kona pre-order pricing at $10 below MSRP, with delivery prior to the product hitting retail shelves.

Along with daily demos at the Ironman expo, we have numerous island activities planned as part of the brand’s public launch, including live race day data from more than two-dozen elite competitors.

On race day, Stryd will test live data sharing with a select group of athletes, including professionals Sarah Piampiano and Rafael Gonçalves, elite amateur Steven Mantell (second place overall finisher with the second fastest run split at Ironman Boulder 2015), and a dozen other world championship competitors. All of these athletes have incorporated running with power into their regular training regimes, and their Ironman World Championship power data will be shared live at this link, as well as published post-race.

Our goal is to provide a multi-pronged view into what running with power really means. Whether an athlete in Kona demos Stryd directly, or whether triathletes at home tune into our live race day data site, we hope to provide a better understanding of how our technology can aid any runner’s quest to perform at peak capacity, while reducing the risk of injury. Kona is the perfect place to introduce Stryd to the public, as triathletes are eager consumers of such knowledge and technology, but our product is not solely intended for the sport’s elite. Stryd is for every runner of every ability, looking to run their personal best.

Additionally, we will offer complimentary lactate testing and power profiling at Big Island Running Company from October 2-6, in advance of the Ironman expo. The testing is free of charge and available via pre-registration only, with limited openings remaining, at

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