Unlock Precision Training with the Latest Stryd Zones Update for Garmin Watches

Unlock Precision Training with the Latest Stryd Zones Update for Garmin Watches

Stryd Zones Data Field Update

We're thrilled to announce the latest update to the Stryd Zones data field for Garmin watches, bringing you enhanced control, detailed insights, and improved treadmill integration.

These new features are designed to provide a premium power-based training experience, helping you execute your best workouts with precision and achieve your goals faster.

New Features at a Glance

  1. Advance on Lap: Take control of your workout progression
  2. Step Details Metric: Stay informed about your workout progress
  3. Treadmill Incline Target: Optimize your indoor training sessions

Advance on Lap: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Have you ever wished you could extend your warm-ups, cool-downs, or rest periods during a structured workout?

With the new "Advance on Lap" feature, you're in charge of when to move to the next segment of your structured workouts. This flexibility allows you to:

  • Extend warm-ups or cool-downs as needed
  • Adjust rest periods to your comfort level
  • Start your next workout segment when you're truly ready

Say goodbye to rigid workout transitions and hello to a more personalized training experience.

Step Details Metric: Your Workout Progress at a Glance

Keeping track of your workout segments has never been easier with our new "Step Details" metric. This feature displays crucial workout step information, such as:

  • "Cooldown 5 min"
  • "Run 1/3"

By keeping you informed of your overall progress, you can train with greater precision and stay motivated throughout your training session.

Treadmill Incline Target: Elevate Your Indoor Workouts

Indoor workouts just got a major upgrade! The new feature now shows the target treadmill incline for your indoor workouts. The power value is automatically adjusted for incline, so you can maintain the perfect intensity level. This makes your treadmill sessions more engaging and precise, helping you to train effectively even when you're not running outdoors.

This innovative new feature:

  • Tells you exactly what incline to set on your treadmill
  • Automatically adjusts power values based on the incline

Whether you’re following a detailed training plan or tackling the Workout of the Week, experience engaging and precise workouts when running on the treadmill.

Have questions about the new release?

Check out our Q & A document covering how to access Stryd Zones data field in workout mode and how to access the new features. (Version: v2.3.0)

Unlocking Your Potential with the new Stryd Zones data field

These new features work in harmony to create a premium power-based training experience on your Garmin watch. Whether you're following a training plan or tackling the workout of the week, you can now execute your sessions with unprecedented precision. This level of control and insight helps you:

  • Stay healthy by training smarter
  • Reach your goals quicker
  • Enjoy more engaging and effective workouts

Update your Stryd Zones data field today via the Connect IQ app on your phone and elevate your training to new heights!