Suunto watch owners: Unleash the potential of the Next Gen Stryd with new metric support

Suunto watch owners: Unleash the potential of the Next Gen Stryd with new metric support

Suunto is set to introduce enhanced support for Stryd’s advanced metrics, including Leg Spring Stiffness, Impact Loading Rate, Vertical Oscillation, and Ground Contact Time.

This integration marks a pivotal moment for Suuntos users seeking to dive deeper into their Stryd analytics.

Understanding the New Metric Support

  • Leg Spring Stiffness (LSS): A measure of the elastic energy in the legs, acting as a spring during each stride. LSS is pivotal for assessing efficiency and performance over varying terrains and speeds.
  • Impact Loading Rate (ILR): This metric quantifies the rate at which force is applied to a runner's body upon foot strike. Monitoring this can help in understanding the shock absorbed by the body, aiding in injury prevention and recovery strategies.

    Read more about Impact Loading Rate here:
  • Vertical Oscillation and Ground Contact Time: These metrics provide insights into the runner's biomechanics, offering a closer look at their efficiency and form during each step.

The Benefits for Suunto watch users

The integration of these metrics into Suunto watches provides Stryd users with real-time access to a wealth of data previously available only post-run. This immediate feedback allows for on-the-fly adjustments to cue running form, and manage run pacing with the additional context of form metrics, ensuring every run is optimized for performance.

Seamless Data Integration

One of the most significant advantages of this update is the ease with which data flows from Suunto watches into the Stryd ecosystem. Runners can now view comprehensive metrics during their run and effortlessly sync this data with their Stryd profile for post-run analysis. This seamless integration ensures that athletes have a holistic view of their performance, encompassing both real-time insights and detailed post-run analytics.

Real-World Applications

Imagine adjusting your running form based on real-time LSS feedback to inform running effectiveness or modulating your pace in response to Impact Loading Rate data to manage injury risk. With these metrics on your Suunto watch, such strategies become part of your everyday training, empowering you to train smarter and perform better.

How to use

Install Stryd from Suunto Plus app on your phone

  1. Open the Suunto app on your phone
  2. Select your watch
  3. Select SuuntoPlus Store
  4. Select Stryd
  5. Install Stryd on your watch

Enable Stryd on your watch via Suunto Plus

  1. Open the Running mode (or your desired activity profile on your watch)
  2. Scroll down and select SuuntoPlus
  3. Enable Stryd
  4. Wait for Stryd to be discovered
  5. Stryd is now paired

Start your activity!

  1. Start the activity
  2. Scroll to the Stryd screen to see your Stryd data
  3. View your Power, Leg Spring Stiffness, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation in real time
  4. After you have completed your activity, your data will be available in both your Suunto and Stryd apps so you can start your analysis

Compatibility List

Suunto Race, Suunto Vertical, Suunto 9 Peak Pro, Suunto 9 Baro, Suunto 9, Suunto 5 Peak, Suunto 5, Suunto 3

If you already own a Suunto watch but do not yet have Stryd, you can order Stryd here: Visit the Stryd store >

Updated Suunto compatibility for Stryd is available now!

As Stryd and Suunto continue to innovate, the possibilities for runners of all levels will expand, leading to unprecedented insights into training, recovery, and performance.

Stay tuned to the Stryd community for updates on the release and tips on leveraging these new metrics to unlock your running potential.