Stay on Top of Your Game with Critical Power Notifications

Stay on Top of Your Game with Critical Power Notifications

We are thrilled to introduce an new update to your Stryd experience – a new feature that provides notifications about changes in your Critical Power & explanations on why your Critical Power has changed.

This feature is designed to keep you informed and help optimize your run training.

Here's how it works and why it's a game changer for your running power journey.

Critical Power Notifications: Keeping You in the Know

Our latest update to the Stryd ecosystem sends you a notification whenever there's a change in your Critical Power – whether it's an increase or decrease. Previously, notifications were only sent for increases. This change ensures you're always updated, giving you a complete picture of your fitness progression.

Learn Why Your Critical Power Changes

Critical Power can decrease when a high-power activity leaves the 90-day window. This change isn't just a number – it reflects your current fitness level. Understanding why your Critical Power changes is crucial for effectively adapting your training strategy.

Understanding Your Critical Power and Its Importance

Critical Power represents your peak sustainable running power and is crucial for tailoring your training intensity. It's calculated based on your best running performances over the last 90 days. But what happens when one of these key performances drops out of this 90-day window? That's where our new feature steps in to help you understand your changes in fitness.

Stay Updated, Stay Motivated

When you receive a notification about a drop in your Critical Power, it's an invitation to push your limits. If you feel the new estimate doesn't truly reflect your fitness, it's an opportunity to complete a new max effort run and update your Critical Power. This feature keeps you motivated and engaged with your training.

Keeping Your Critical Power Up-to-Date

By maintaining an accurate Critical Power, you ensure that your training targets and power zones are always aligned with your current fitness level. This alignment is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your training plan and achieving your running goals.

How to Leverage This Update

Make the most of this feature by regularly reviewing your Critical Power changes. Use these insights to adjust your training intensity, plan your race strategies, and set realistic yet challenging goals. 

Remember, every run is a stride towards running your best, and staying informed is key to that journey.

Critical Power Notifications are available now!

This new feature is a commitment to keeping you informed and engaged in your running journey.

We believe that by providing timely and comprehensive insights into your fitness, we empower you to train smarter and run stronger.

Update your Stryd app today and take your training to the next level.