Major Stryd Footpath Feature Update: New Mapping Visualization

Major Stryd Footpath Feature Update: New Mapping Visualization

We're are thrilled to bring you an exciting update to Stryd Footpath, elevating your run analysis with a new dynamic feature: detailed mapping visualization.

This latest enhancement is designed to revolutionize the way you view and interpret your Stryd Footpath. With a focus on providing a deeper understanding of how your Stryd Footpath changes over the course of the activity in response to surface conditions and terrains.

Let’s dive into how this new feature enables a new comprehensive analysis with Stryd Footpath, taking your running journey to unparalleled heights.

Detailed Mapping Visualization

The new mapping feature adds a map of your route when analyzing sections of your activity with the Footpath Visualization Tool, providing essential insights into the terrain you navigated. This advanced mapping visualization helps you understand the impact of different terrains on your run. From rugged trails to smooth roads and winding paths, you can easily discern how each surface type influences your gait and performance.

As you highlight a specific section of your activity, the map dynamically reflects this selection, enabling you to immediately see and analyze the relevant data.

This enhanced capability empowers you to recall and compare the surface conditions of any segment of your run. By doing so, you gain a richer perspective on how your running style adapts to various conditions, enhancing your ability to tailor your training and strategies effectively.

Mapping Enhances Stryd Footpath

The new mapping feature adds critical context to the runner's footpath to enable you to gain even more ways to leverage this data to enhance your run.

  • Injury: Track your recovery process through quantifying subtle changes in your footpath as you recover from an injury.
  • Fatigue: Monitor how and when you begin to fatigue across each run, so you can tailor your training and combat fatigue.
  • Drills: Quantify and visualize the impact of your drills on your footpath to determine they are providing the intended benefits.
  • Footwear: Observe how different shoe choices reshape your footpath and contribute towards and impact your running.
  • Performance: Visualize your footpath to determine personalized indicators of how your footpath changes as your performance transforms.

Understanding is the Key to Improvement

At Stryd, one of our core beliefs is that deeper understanding leads to improved running.

The latest updates to Stryd Footpath introduce an unprecedented level of insight into your training. With advanced 3D bilateral movement tracking and detailed mapping, you get a novel perspective on every run.

These tools are crucial for anyone looking to enhance recovery, monitor fatigue, optimize performance, or select appropriate footwear.

Stryd Footpath delivers the essential data and visualizations to elevate your running journey.

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A live stream will be hosted at 12 PM MT (-6GMT) on Wednesday, January 24th.

Join us live or watch the replay of the presentation to learn how the new detailed mapping visualization feature links your visualized Footpath to a corresponding map section, offering vital context on the terrain you conquered.