Learn More From Every Workout: New Update Makes Workout Pairing Easy

Learn More From Every Workout: New Update Makes Workout Pairing Easy

Today, we are introducing a new feature to enhance your training experience: the Workout Pairing Flow.

This new feature update, available in the Stryd mobile app, makes it easy to pair your completed activity with the planned workout to help you learn more from every workout.

Have you ever wondered how your actual workout performance measures up against your planned training?

The new Workout Pairing Flow makes it easy to find out!

Whenever you complete a workout using your COROS, Polar, Suunto, or Wahoo watch, the Stryd mobile app will now automatically initiate the Workout Pairing Flow whenever you complete a run.

How The Workout Pairing Flow Works

  • Compatible with COROS, Polar, Suunto, and Wahoo watches Complete a workout any compatible watch and then open the Stryd mobile app.
  • Guided Pairing: You'll be prompted to pair the completed activity with the corresponding planned workout in the Stryd mobile app
  • Pair & Analyze: Confirm the pairing and then start analyzing. The power is in your hands!

Note: If you are using a Garmin or Apple Watch to record your activity, workout pairing happens automatically. The new Workout Pairing Flow is unnecessary. If you need to manually pair your activity, please see this article >

Benefits of Workout Pairing for Stryd Membership Users

If you have the Stryd Membership, workout pairing enables you to visualize the comparison between what you planned and what you achieved in an intuitive graph view.

  • Achieve your Targets: Easily see if you're hitting your targets consistently in every interval and rep or if you maintained a constant power during your easy and long runs.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Comparing your performance with your plan can be incredibly motivating to continue to achieve your goals
  • Workout Completion: Assess if you've successfully completed each step of your workout.

Wrap Up

The new Workout Pairing Flow in the Stryd mobile app is here to get the most out of every workout.

Experience the satisfaction of completing your runs to perfection.

Upgrade your training experience with the latest Stryd mobile app update today! (Version >8.1.23 of the Stryd iOS app or Version 8.14.0 of the Stryd Android app > 8.13.47)