Stability Firmware Update for Stryd Duo | Firmware

Stability Firmware Update for Stryd Duo | Firmware

Today, we have a firmware update for Stryd Duo.

We encourage all Stryd Duo owners to update to this new firmware for the most stable and consistent Stryd experience.

Important: Before Updating, Sync Stryd Footpath

Installing this firmware update will clear footpath data stored on the pod. This is why you should sync Stryd Footpath data to your account before installing this firmware update.

Follow these instructions to sync Stryd Footpath >

What's changed?

  • Stability fixes for Stryd Duo 
  • Battery life improvements
  • Pod to pod connectivity improvements

How to update

Update Stryd Duo’s firmware instructions on the Stryd mobile app >>

This firmware update only applies to Stryd Duo. Next Gen Stryd and previous versions of Stryd do not need a firmware update.


The Stryd Team