New: Discover workouts, tips, coaching strategies, & more in the Stryd app

New: Discover workouts, tips, coaching strategies, & more in the Stryd app

Our latest feature release is designed to boost your training knowledge, accelerate your running progress, and connect you with other passionate runners in the Stryd Community.

We call it the Discover tab.

The Discover tab is the go-to place for top resources in the Stryd ecosystem.

This new tab is the area where you can read, watch, and learn about everything going on in the world of Stryd!

This feature is available for all Stryders today!

Let’s take a look at what is available and how to access this new feature.

Discover fun & challenging workouts with ‘Workout of the Week’

Every week, we release a new workout to the Stryd Workout Library (included in the Stryd Membership).

Learn the purpose behind race specific prep workouts, the history behind the workouts inspired by running lore, and the benefits you will get out the rest of our unique running workouts.

Discover new training tips in  the ‘Training with Stryd’ section

Learn how to make the most out of the latest features in the Stryd ecosystem in the ‘Training with Stryd’ section.

Discover detailed tutorials on how to use new & popular features, such as executing structured workouts, planning races, & analyzing your data!

Learn from the experts in the ‘Coach’s Corner’

We are bringing the expert knowledge of the Stryd coaching community directly to you!

Get a fresh stream of new content to power up your training. Discover new ways to use your data to achieve your goals.

We have put together the most popular frequently asked questions together in one convenient place.

Check out the ‘How To’ section to see if you can quickly solve a problem you run into!

Discover running inspiration in the ‘Success Stories’ section

Do you have big running goals? Gather the inspiration to go after your goals in the success stories section.

You will discover what other Stryders are accomplishing and how they are using Stryd to get it done.

Access all of Stryd’s online communities, social channels, and other popular online resources in this section.

Check them out and follow Stryd on your favorite platform.

Listen to the Stryd Power Podcast

Dive into the Stryd Power Podcast to get the key information you can use to take your power-based training to the next level.

Get 'The Fastest Way To Your Next Personal Best' eBook

Are you interested in learning more about running with power or taking your power-based training to the next level?

You find a way to access this free eBook (with over 65+ pages of content) to learn simple ways you can use power to improve your running performance in the Discover tab.

How to Access

The Discover tab is available on the Stryd mobile app today!

Update your Stryd app to the latest version and find the Discover tab in the bottom right hand corner.

Update to version 7.6 (or greater) of the Stryd iOS mobile app >

Update to version (or greater) of the Stryd Android mobile app >

Most sections will be updated on a weekly basis so be sure to check in regularly for the latest content!


The Discover tab is a one-stop shop for top resources in the Stryd ecosystem. You'll find everything from training tips to new workout ideas, and you can even access all of our online communities & content!

This new release will help power your running progress while building your knowledge base.

Be sure to update your Stryd app today!