Webinar: Run training for a monumental fall racing season with the Flanagan Sisters

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Why: Kaylee & Lindsay Flanagan will discuss how they are planning their training for a monumental fall racing season.

4:00: How Lindsay updated her racing plan post-Olympic Trials

  • Lindsay is cutting her training volume by 20 to 40% and is decreasing her long run frequency
  • She is focusing on more effort-based workouts like strides, hill runs, fartleks and less on runs driven by pace zones
  • A strong focus is being placed on completing a wide variety of workouts to keep training interesting
  • Kaylee is shoring up weak areas in her skillset and building up her fitness again after being injured over the Fall
  • Trail running is acting as a fun escape from the seriousness and stress of constantly gearing up for big races

15:10: How Kaylee is leveraging this time to achieve more complete physical recovery

  • The pressure of constant racing made it difficult for Kaylee to make a complete mental and physical recovery. This extended layoff is allowing her to recover quicker as she rediscovers the passion and joy of running.
  • Lindsay is recommending her athletes do fewer harder workouts to ensure her athletes are really healthy before they gear up for the Fall racing season

18:10: The importance of continuing base phase training with added strength work

  • Lindsay is using this time to continue to build and strengthen her body but she will wait to complete race specific workouts closer to the Fall

20:15: What does base building mean to Kaylee & Lindsay?

  • Base building is about building the strength and foundation that will sustain high end performance in the Fall
  • Strength comes from tempo, fartleks, and runs over hilly terrain
  • Consistency is also key to establishing a sufficient base

24:30: Their thoughts on pool training

  • Aqua jogging can be useful when coming back from an injury and still gives you the opportunity to complete a hard workout
  • Lindsay is in the pool once a week, even when she is healthy

26:15: How to incorporate and balance hill & strength training

  • The easiest way to incorporate hills is to complete 8-10x 15 second hill sprints to build power and speed
  • Quick and explosive hills are a good addition to training right now
  • Another option is to incorporate hills into long run training

29:15: A practical way to extended your normal training block until the Fall

  • For March, Lindsay and her athletes immediately began a two week mini-recovery break with a lower volume of training
  • For April & May, they will focus on consistently maintaining volume and continuing to do strength workouts
  • For June, the marathon build up can start again. Long runs can start again and the volume can ramp up again.
  • This strategy can apply to both Half Marathon and Marathon training

32:30: How Kaylee & Lindsay are setting goals during this time period

  • We will see that a lot of runners will blow their expectations away during the Fall due to extended base building and pent-up excitement to race
  • Runners will be racing multiple marathons in a condensed period of time and some runners may discover that they are more capable than they thought

43:40: At-home strength training advice

  • All you need for at-home training is a yoga ball, resistance bands, and a heavy object
  • It is important to be creative when designing your at-home training
  • There are plenty of videos online, especially from running pros, that you can watch and learn from
  • The lack of access to a gym does not need to be a limiting factor
  • Three days of solid core work per week is a great schedule to aim for

54:20: The long term effect on the running world

  • Lots of people are outside and becoming active
  • We will see a surge of new runners as they have picked up the sport during this time period
  • Races will be sold out in the Fall because there will be a huge running boom

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