Webinar: Building elite performance & how the running world will change with Coach Thomas “Tinman” Schwartz

Where: At the embed below or the following link: https://youtu.be/qtsrZpFQi-4

Key points:

1:40: Making lemonade out of lemons

  • Coach Schwartz is encouraging his athletes to attack this challenge with the right attitude and mindset.
  • You can build a stronger foundation during this time period by extending your normal offseason base phase training.
  • You should set long term goals to replace whatever goals you were working towards. Runners thrive when they have long term goals to aim for.

5:26: How elite athletes select races

  • Elite athletes are primarily selecting races with development in mind in lead up to championship level events.
  • This time period will force many coaches to shift towards long term thinking and away from the traditional method of racing athletes all the time.
  • If the track & field championships are postponed until a cooler time of the year, you may see that a different breed of athletes perform better in the cooler conditions.

10:05: How can age-group and non-elite athletes leverage these strategies

  • Similar to elite athletes, you can use this time period to race less frequently so you can perform better during the limited race opportunities you will have.
  • You should be comparing your performances against equivalency tables. This practice will be instructive for personalizing your training.
  • You should run time trials at roughly 97% of max effort. This lets you predict your performance at 100% without the challenge of needing to run at 100% effort.
  • Plus, a discussion on Arthur Lydiard's methods.

33:25: A comprehensive approach is needed to reach peak performance at the right time

  • You should vary the distances your are racing to establish performances across a wide variety of durations.
  • A race that takes around one hour to complete is the perfect opportunity to test your endurance.
  • You must always prepare for races in terms of the expected duration it will take you finish the race rather than the distance of the race.
  • Why a ramping strategy is useful for optimal race performances.

54:00: Coach Schwartz on mixed intensity workouts

  • A discussion on diminishing returns: How weekly mileage influences endurance and how speed work influences top-end speed.
  • Why you should incorporate speed work into endurance work.
  • What is top-end speed in endurance races?
  • How injury ties into all of this and why it is important to run easy.

1:18:20: How Critical Power relates to Coach Schwartz's Critical Velocity

You can find Coach Schwartz's website here if you would like to sign up for coaching services: https://runfastcoach.com/index.html & his Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tinmancoach/

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