Webinar: PhD Jinger Gottschall on at-home supplemental training to decrease injury risk

Where: At the embed below or the following link: https://youtu.be/Y34Tqxk9s0w

Key points:

- Dr. Gottschall has successfully avoided being sidelined by injury for the last 25 years with a strong dedication and consistent supplemental training routine.

- She recommends taking at least one day off per week because two sleep cycles and a full day of recovery are necessary to fully recover mentally and physically.

- Never increase your mileage more than 10% per week if your goal is to decrease risk of injury.

- Incorporate strength training twice per week in your running routine. (Note: her recommendations for strength training are outlined below)

- You must think about running as a full body activity and not just an activity that depends on your legs.

- Listen to your foot strike. A quiet landing means that less pressure and force is being absorbed by crucial areas of your body. Your foot strike will become quieter as you master supplemental training exercises.

- Core exercises have been shown to improve running symmetry, running economy, and speed.

Three bodyweight exercises to improve run mechanics

- 100 Bodyweight Squats (at 16:17 in the video)

- 100 Bodyweight Lunges (at 19:00 in the video) (50 repetitions on each side)

- 100 Abductor Movements (at 23:58 in the video)

Note: The 100 prescribed repetitions can be broken up into segments of 4x25 or 10x10. One of the goals of these exercises is to build endurance so 100 repetitions are recommended.

Three integrated core exercises to build a body that is strong in three dimensions

- Forearm Plank: Beginners should aim to hold this position for 30 seconds with the eventual goal of holding for 2 minutes (at 33:13 in the video)

- Side Plank: Beginners should aim to hold this position for 30 seconds with the eventual goal of holding for 2 minutes (at 34:15 in the video)

- Bridge: 100 repetitions or a 30 second hold with the eventual goal of holding for 2 minutes (at 35:15 in the video)

Note: If you have limited training time, you are better suited to do the integrated core exercises above instead of doing isolated core exercises like crunches as these integrated core exercises work the body in three dimensions.

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