Live Webinar on Monday, March 15: How to make smart adjustments to your running routine in response to race cancellations

Dear Stryder,

We are hosting a free, live webinar series that is designed to benefit all runners across the globe and help them stick to their healthy routines during these exceptional times.

Coach Steve Palladino, founder of the Palladino Power Project, will join us on Monday and share his expertise on how to make smart adjustments to your racing and running strategy in regards to recent race cancellations and world events.

This webinar will be the premier episode of a multi-part series lasting for the foreseeable weeks. It will be hosted on Youtube and free to join. We are planning for three broadcasts per week and each episode will include a top coach, athlete, or exercise physiologist from the world of running.

Here are the details on when and where to watch the first webinar on Monday:

Where to join:

A recording of the webinar is available here:

Why join?

You will learn how to make smart adjustments to your run training over the next several weeks and months.

We encourage you invite any runners that you know to watch, as well. This information will apply to all runners, whether they use Stryd or not.

If you know any runners that would be interested in joining, please share this post with them.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For the love of running,
The Stryd Team


We will be holding three webinars this week.

On Tuesday, Olympic Coach Bobby McGee will join us for a webinar.

On Friday, Olympic Trials Marathoner, Evan Schwartz, will share his views.

We will send you email reminders for each of these upcoming webinars!