Announcing the “For the Love of Running” Webinar Series

Announcing the “For the Love of Running” Webinar Series

Dear Stryd Community,

Starting Monday, we are bringing you the “For the Love of Running” webinar series.

The purpose of this series is to serve the entire running community with information on how to maintain your healthy routines and enjoy the sport of running during this exceptional time.

The webinar series will feature the expert advice from coaches, athletes, and exercise physiologists of the running world.

Evan Schwartz will be your host and Evan will be joined by Coach Steve Palladino, founder of the Palladino Power Project, for the first live webinar on Monday morning.

Coach Palladino is bringing you his advice on how to manage your training routine in the upcoming weeks, especially in the case if you were in the final build up to a now-cancelled race day, among other topics.

On Tuesday, we will have Olympic Coach Bobby McGee on the webinar to share his expertise in the running and triathlon space.

On Friday, Evan Schwartz, an Olympic Trials Marathoner who just came off a big race, will share his unique perspective on how he will approach his training.

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Stryd Team