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New Stryd Update Names Your Runs For You | Android

If you build up too many runs, the old ones are basically as good as gone because it will be too hard to go find them again.

We hate that. All of those runs made you who you are today. Past activities should easily be pulled up when needed – not forgotten.

If you have had trouble cataloguing your past runs, you are going to love our new Android update.

Now, Stryd can auto-name your runs when you tag them.

Auto Naming

With auto-naming, you can include a run type, perceived effort, and how you felt. The title of your run will automatically update to give it a meaningful name.

Video Walkthrough

Other feature updates

  1. Record run type, surface, effort (RPE), and feel for any past run

-- This will be useful for filtering options to come in the future.

2. Add, remove, and create custom tags for your runs

-- This will be useful for filtering options to come in the future.

3. Exclude toggle to remove runs from overall analysis.

-- This lets you remove errant data from inclusion in your RSB, Power Duration Curve, and auto-calculated Critical Power

What's Next?

We know you all want an improved run summary screen, with graphs and laps and all that good stuff. It is definitely coming! Don't worry. We will be totally revamping the run summary screen on both Android and iOS, and that update will be across both platforms simultaneously. Keep an eye out for that early next year.

Bottom Line & Install Instructions

With auto-naming, you can locate past activities with ease for analysis.

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