New Stryd Update Names Your Runs For You

New Stryd Update Names Your Runs For You

If you made it to this page, you likely run a lot.

And if you are who we think you are, you probably run more frequently than 90%+ of the people on Earth.

Let's just do some quick math. If you are running nearly everyday, that is over 300+ runs per years.

How in the world can you keep track of all of these runs?

It is a tough job.

If you build up too many runs, the old ones are basically as good as gone because it will be too hard to go find them again.

We hate that. All of those runs made you who you are today. Past activities should easily be pulled up when needed – not forgotten.

If you have had trouble cataloguing your past runs, you are going to love our new iOS update.

Now, Stryd can auto-name your runs when you tag them & locate similar runs for comparison. Suddenly, hundreds to thousands of past activities can become manageable with the help of Stryd's new advanced run reporting.

Video Walkthrough

Feature #1: Auto-Naming

With auto-naming, when you include a run type, perceived effort and how you felt, the title of your run will automatically update.

This gives your run a searchable & meaningful name.

Feature #2: Filter Similar Runs (iOS 13+)

After you tag enough runs, you can select any run and automatically locate all runs that are similar in conditions.

This feature will let you see how you are progressing your fitness across similar runs over time.

Feature #3: Run Stress Balance Widget

With this new update, you can also get quick access to how productive your recent training has been when you setup the Running Stress Balance view on the widget screen.

Bottom Line & Install Instructions

Every run you log with Stryd is an investment in yourself because Stryd helps discover how each of those activities uniquely contribute to the runner you are today. With auto-naming & easy tagging, you can locate past activities with ease for analysis.

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