Announcing the new Stryd. Use the wind to your advantage.

Announcing the new Stryd. Use the wind to your advantage.

World's first wind capturing technology for runners

The new Stryd is the first tool built for runners to measure the wind. Stryd reports the extra power (in watts) required to overcome air resistance. Now, you will know how much power you need to run into a headwind, the power saved when running with a tailwind, or the power saved when drafting off a pack of runners. Stryd gives runners the ability to turn the wind into a measurable and performance enhancing force.

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Can you use the wind to your advantage? With Stryd, it is now possible.

Every runner wants to perfectly pace their run. They want to be running just as strong at the end of the run as they did at the beginning. However, that task becomes difficult when the wind rolls in. The wind is unpredictable and unavoidable which makes it one of the biggest threats to perfect pacing.

While the wind may threaten your run, it does not need to ruin your run.

Stryd gives you a fair advantage on race day

Now, with Stryd, you will beg for windy weather on race day because it gives you the opportunity to place better than on a perfectly clear day. You gain a fair advantage on windy days by receiving real-time insight into how the wind is affecting you, an edge that your competition does not have access to. You will run within your means while your competition is continually zapped of energy. You can perfectly pace in gusty headwinds, tailwind, and even minimize the wind by drafting. Imperfect weather will no longer disrupt your perfect pacing.


Case #1: Headwinds

It is tempting to write off any expectation of success on race day when the forecast calls for wind. Most runners will mentally overestimate the effects of minor winds and this mental roadblock will prevent them from running to their full potential. While the wind’s effects are unavoidable, that does not mean that you should race poorly.

With Stryd, you will know the proper intensity to run at when a headwind rolls in. It is a practice of threading the needle. You will not run so fast as to burn yourself out into the headwind. You will not run so slow that you are giving up crucial time. The result of running into a headwind with Stryd is a perfect pacing strategy that aligns your real-time effort with your capability.


Case #2: Tailwinds

While you cannot easily detect the tailwind, Stryd can. Think back to your last windy run. You were itching for a tailwind after a long stretch of running directly into a wind. After you made the turn, you expected the tailwind to easily carry you. However, the result was disappointing. You could not feel the tailwind.

While a tailwind can help you negate the effects of air resistance, it is nearly impossible to feel a tailwind since you are often running faster than the wind is blowing. This leaves a difficult question: how fast should you run with a tailwind that you cannot feel?

Stryd tells you if you should pick up your effort from the tailwind, so you can gain a measurable advantage without the risk of exhaustion from pushing too hard.


Case #3: Finally, you can draft like a pro

Stryd reports the energy you save while drafting so you can create real-time drafting strategies. We believe that the new Stryd will forever change how elites and amateurs approach racing. Drafting is one of the most strategic moves you can make in the middle of a race. You can run faster than if you were running alone as a result of a draft. However, drafting is rarely successfully accomplished in practice because it has previously been hard to actually know when you are doing it effectively or not.

The drafting zone is very tight in running. You can run right behind another runner but unless you are in the perfect drafting zone you may not be getting a benefit.

Stryd also brings incredible precision to your drafting strategy. It is easy to see how much energy you are saving as a result of a draft. This information is valuable if you are looking to make a breakaway from your group or if you are looking to continually trade lead runner duties with a partner. Now, you will capitalize on drafting opportunities with confidence.

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What else is new with the new Stryd?

- World's first wind capturing capabilities

The entire pod structure (including the clip), has been redesigned to capture wind. The external shell, and internal components have been designed, specifically to capture and analyze in real-time the air and wind you are running through.

- Next gen motion sensor

Next gen motion sensor delivers improved accuracy

- Newly added environmental sensors

Added temperature and humidity sensors will enable you to use the environment to your advantage.

- Greatly expanded storage

64x expanded storage in Stryd will enable longer data collections for your ultra running as well as much higher precision data collection.

- New, high visibility charging & pairing indicator

Stryd’s new LED makes indications, like charging, completed charging, pairing, and wireless connections are clear and easy to see, even in sunlit conditions.

- Friendly pod and clip experience

Stryd’s clipping and unclipping action is super smooth and effortless while being just as secure as before. Switch Stryd between shoes is a breeze.

- Increased antenna range

Stryd’s antenna range has been increased for improved data delivery reliability.

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How does the new Stryd work?

The new Stryd reports the extra power required to overcome air resistance. This extra power is added to your total power output.

We detect the air resistance you are running into with a proprietary, patent-pending sensor structure that can capture the wind speed on a stride-by-stride basis so every change in the wind is detected.

Is my watch compatible?

Yes! The new Stryd maintains the same watch compatibility as the previous generation. Please check our watch compatibility table if you have recently upgraded watches and would like to verify compatibility.

How do Stryd’s new wind features work outdoors?

In still air conditions, you will encounter air resistance equal to your running speed.

When running into a headwind, you will encounter air resistance equal to your running speed plus the headwind’s speed.

In tailwind conditions, you will encounter air resistance equal to your running speed minus the tailwind’s speed. If your tailwind speed equals your running speed, you will not be overcoming any air resistance.

Stryd will detect the air resistance you are overcoming in each of these outdoor running scenarios and incorporate that effort into your total power number.

How do Stryd’s new wind features work indoors as well?

Stryd still works indoors.

If you are running indoors on the treadmill, you will be overcoming no air resistance since you are running in place.

If you are running indoors on the track, you will be overcoming air resistance equal to your running speed.

How will the new wind features change how I use Stryd?

Your overall usage of Stryd will remain the same. You will continue to use your power number as a guide during training and racing. But now, your power number will reflect your energy expenditure when overcoming air resistance with the benefit of improved pacing in windy conditions and drafting.


“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” - Bruce Lee

We believe that perfect pacing is possible for every runner, even when the weather is imperfect. Perfect pacing should be as simple as looking at a single number, power, so you can properly pace yourselves in all running conditions. The new Stryd accounts for the wind so you can run with PR-breaking confidence even in the gustiest of windy conditions. This new product is available for purchase today and will begin shipping in late July. Please click on the link below if you would like to purchase the new Stryd.

The Stryd Team

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