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New Update: Improved Stability & Responsiveness with 1.2.0 Firmware

Firmware 1.2.0 is now available for your Stryd.

What is new?

Firmware 1.2.0 improves upon the well-known and loved stability features of 1.1.8 while adding in the new hill responsive features of 1.1.9 to create a single unified power number which is together more responsive and more stable than ever before.


This is the first Stryd firmware sealed with the approval of the STRYD Beta Group

Since ‘stability’ and ‘responsiveness’ are subjective and are highly tied to personal feel, we decided to collect your direct feedback to validate these improvements. This spurred the formation of the first official STRYD firmware beta testing group to collect as much real-world subjective feedback as we could to ensure that the changes truly matched your expectations. Our firmware beta testing group comprised of a mix of track/trail/road runners, casual/hardcore runners, and short/long distance runners in order to get a representive mix of the Stryd community. While this is the first firmware with Beta Group approval, all subsequent firmware will be passed through the same approval process before official release.

Improved power stability

You will have an easier time maintaining a stable power output. You will see consistent power numbers when you glance at your watch and you will know that you are staying in the right zone from stride to stride. Stryd's new responsiveness will let you know if you drift out of that power zone.

How much did stability improve?

1) The subjective feedback was overwhelmingly positive for the stability improvements.
2) Over 91% of our beta group testers reported that power is just as or more stable when running outside on flat ground compared to previous firmware versions.
3) Over 96% of our beta group testers reported that power is just as or more stable when running inside on the treadmill compared to previous firmware versions.

Improved power responsiveness on varied terrain

You will have an easier time reaching your power target when beginning to climb a hill, or attacking a descent. Stryd’s power number will nearly instantly respond to your changes in efforts so you can quickly dial in on your intensity change to reach the proper target.

How much did responsiveness improve?

1) The subjective feedback was overwhelmingly positive for the responsiveness changes.
2) Over 93% of our beta testers reported that power is just as or more responsive when climbing hills compared to previous firmware versions.
3) (Reporting on treadmill incline responsiveness was not asked or given).

Does this change my data field setup?

It’s a common strategy to use two power data fields while training with power. One data field is dedicated to real time power and the other data field is dedicated to an averaged power value. Real time power is responsive so you can see how power responds to your effort and average power is used to filter out second-by-second variation so you can stay in the right zone.

With Stryd’s new update, we believe that you only need a single data field now. Power will filter out second-by-second variation in real time when you are running on flat ground but respond instantly to your effort changes when climbing. It is our mission to simplify running into a single power number that can guide real time training and racing decisions. We believe that firmware 1.2.0 is a step in that direction.

How can I update to this new firmware?

This firmware update is available to all Stryd owners. You should open up your Stryd app on your Android or iOS phone to receive a prompt to update to the new firmware (Find the full instructions here>>).

If you are interested in purchasing Stryd, you can do that by clicking the following link: https://store.stryd.com/ All new Stryd purchasers will automatically receive this new update.

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