You Just Found Nick's Training Manual

You Just Found Nick's Training Manual


Two weeks ago, I began sending emails to Stryd users all around the world telling them of my goals and how I am using running power to achieve them. Many Stryders requested I post these emails publically online so that they could be shared with friends, and here we are! Let's get to it.

February is here, and now is the time to think about how you are going set and reach your goals this year.

My personal goal is to finish Ironman Boulder in June, while pushing hard and feeling good. What are your goals? I would encourage you to write them down and have a physical reminder of what you want to accomplish this year.

Today I had a fartlek run on my schedule, which I did based on power instead of pace. I live in the mountains above Boulder, and we just received a snow storm, so I did the workout on the treadmill. Power-pacing allowed me to run at a specific output on the treadmill, and outside on the hills when weather permits.

The journey for this year starts tomorrow. I am going to be posting a couple of updates like this one in the near future describing how I am benefitting from Stryd and how you can have a leg up on the competition.

Stay tuned,

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