Stryd Brings the Lab to the Road

Stryd Brings the Lab to the Road

Stryd brings the lab to the road

The smartphone brought us a tremendous capability: take the phone out of your pocket and instantly have the world’s knowledge available to you. It brings the library to your pocket. Stryd strives to deliver the same experience to runners. Snap Stryd on and have the world’s best lab on your shoe. Find out why Stryd is the ultimate running experience.

Most precise power measurement

Running power and metabolic cost have a well established relationship. Therefore, metabolic cost has been used to validate running power technology. As a matter of fact, the running efficiency is 20% to 25% (source). For runners, this is from 23% to 24%. Refer to the video of Matt's outdoor test, his average power is 344 watts with a VO2 of 72.6 ml/kg/min. This translates to an running efficiency of 23.5%. If you assume the power deviates from Stryd by even 100 watts higher, that means efficiency is beyond 40%. That is inhuman!


There is a sure-fire way to measure power in runners. It used to be a machine you needed a truck to move. Now, it is a pod you clip to your shoe!


Credits to Jack Daniels and the Nike Breaking2 Project. Both projects have used metabolic costs to validate their work.

Most consistent power measurement

Run power zones are narrow compared to cycling. These zones are typically within a 20 watt range. Any variation beyond that range makes power based pacing impossible. Stryd offers extremely consistent power measurements. This keeps you in the right power zone when you are training.

Best speed and distance, better than GPS

Stryd offers best-in-class speed and distance measurements straight from the box. It gives you accurate & responsive step-by-step pace tracking, even when GPS faces challenges, in the city, on the track, in the mountains, on the trail, or even on the treadmill.

Most advanced gait analysis

Biomechanics, especially on the lower limbs, introduces unique challenges to running. The foot is the place to gauge the important biomechanic details. Stryd's advanced biomechanics motion tracking technology connects the dots between your performance, training load, weak spot, fatigue, and injury risk.

Stryd brings the ultimate running experience to everyone, everywhere

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