Amplify Running Performance with Coach Yoseph

Amplify Running Performance with Coach Yoseph

My best solutions and innovations come while running

Coach and blog author Yaniv Yoseph kicked off his coaching career mid-2002 while completing his degree in physical education. He uses Stryd as a pure data field that amplifies performance without correlation to environmental issues such as weather, stress or physical conditions.

S: In what ways do you apply Stryd to your coaching? What about in your own running?

YY: After testing each trainee in pace and physiological metrics I use Stryd to determine the exact Watts the individual requires during long steady distance runs, tempo & interval sessions. Same goes with hill repeats in correlation to the hill length and gradient.

S: If you could offer a single piece of advice to aspiring runners, what would it be?

YY: Be consistent and enjoy the freedom that running provides. Explore different fields and find what motivates you the most.

STRYD: Tell us a little bit about your own running career. When did you start running? What were some of your goals as a runner early on?

YANIV YOSEPH: I’ve been running recreationally since I was a kid but nothing serious. In the late 80’s, most of my friends either participated in gymnastics or cycling but I did both.

I have always been in good shape. When I was 15, my 2K PR was 6:36. I used to run 16-20k daily, which kept me fit for my army service in the mid 90’s.

I ran my first marathon in 2002 while studying physical education. I finished it in 03:17:43. Because of the physical challenge I went through during the marathon, I promised myself I’d never do it again. In 2008 I finished my master’s degree in exercise physiology and worked primarily in rehabilitation for injured Israel Defense Force soldiers as a specialist in ortho-neurological injuries.

Most of my races were 21.1K. I run for fitness and fun. These days I’m preparing for my first 50K ultra marathon.

S: How did using power as a metric first appeal to you? What are the benefits and drawbacks to power as a metric?

YY: Power is pure. It is not affected by environmental factors such as stress, temperature and physiological metrics. If I can train by a value that is consistent and correlates only to my form and the terrain, then it’s perfect.

S: What is your general approach to coaching? What methods of motivation do you use?

YY: As an exercise physiologist I believe in body metrics. They are the key feature to any training plan that I write. But when it comes to perfecting running, I find Stryd most efficient.

My trainees who use Stryd are those who wish to do their very best and achieve their goals. I believe that the simplicity achieved by using Stryd is far superior to training by only pace or heart rate, specifically in extreme conditions, (for example the Israeli summer which is hot & humid), or in specific training sessions such as interval or tempo training.

Using power consistently is the simplest and most efficient way to train.


S: What is your running spirit animal?

YY: A wolf. He protects his pack from a distance but is always aware.

S: What major obstacles have you encountered during your running career?

YY: I have a heart issue called CRBBB and therefore must supervise my runs. Basically, one section of my heart is damaged and so I must always run with a heart rate monitor, Doctors tell me I shouldn’t run more than 5K. However, as an exercise physiologist I was able to evaluate all of the psychological insights and put guidelines in place for my running. For example, on a hill I will do power walking instead of running.

S: What has surprised you most in regards to your running ability?

YY: In the past two years I began to explore trail running which is by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever felt, although no feeling compares to that of finishing a harsh 10K.

S: How has running changed your life?

YY: It makes me more creative. My best solutions and innovations come while running.

S: Who or what inspires you?

YY: Christopher Reeve – He made me believe that man can fly.

S: What were some of the most rewarding running moments in your life?

YY: My most significant race was in 2015- I helped a stranger walk across the finish line. When we arrived at the 29th kilometer he stopped running. I was going to walk him to the first aid station, but because of my “no man left behind” mentality, I asked if he wanted to finish the race. He answered “yes,” so I stayed with him until the finish line which meant walking beside him and carrying him at times.


S: What running goals are you currently working towards?

YY: My first 50K- ultra marathon. My goal is just to finish it. The sky is the limit.

S: What convinced you to buy a Stryd?

YY: Pure curiosity for starters. Secondly, as a blogger who reviews running gear it seemed to be the next evolution of running methods.

S: What was your first impression of Stryd?

YY: I was overwhelmed by the amount of data it produced, specifically regarding form power and running posture. You can read my Stryd review (either Pioneer or Summit), on my blog.

S: What would you like people to know about running with Stryd?

YY: It’s the new kid in the block and it’s going to stay!