Master Hill Repeats with Bobby McGee

Master Hill Repeats with Bobby McGee

The main set of the this week’s workout was 6 x 30 second hill repeats. Short hill repeats allow the body to put more force on the muscle and effectively target the potassium pump in training. By working the potassium pump you increase its ability to push potassium back into muscles, resulting in greater endurance. Hill workouts are also great to include in your training because they improve the body’s ability to produce and recycle energy thereby improving running cadence, posture, power, and overall running economy.


  1. 10-15 walk/jog
  2. Dynamic mobility drills
  3. Four progressive strides
  4. 6 x 30 second hill repeats (progressive)
  5. Cool down jog
  6. Pre-plyometric strength drills

As shown in the Stryd data below, managing your intensity appropriately so that each repeat is truly progressive can be challenging. Fortunately, participants will be doing more hill repeat workouts over the next few weeks giving them the opportunity to improve upon their results.

Check out the Stryd data below demonstrating an athlete who was able to meet the goal of the workout and increase their power output for each hill repeat!! We also had athletes plateau after only 4 hills and had to fight hard to maintain their power and form for the final 2 reps. Even more inspiring were those athletes who started breaking down before final 2-3 repeats and had to maintain composure to get the most out of each remaining hill repeat.



Seeing the focus, grit, and power of these athletes was motivating to say the least. Some of the members of our team couldn’t help but join in on the suffering during the workout. Here at Stryd we look forward for more quality sessions like this as it provides athletes opportunities to push through barriers and monitor their improvements using Stryd! Stay tuned for weekly updates to follow the journey of our participants as they Stryd toward their goals.