Stryd PowerRace - Your New Running PR

Stryd PowerRace - Your New Running PR

PowerRace - Your New PR

Performance is priority on race day, you'll test your body and mind against the course and the competition to find your new Personal Record.

The idea of discovering your new PR motivated us to create the supreme racing tool- PowerRace.

Your Personal Record considers three goals:

  1. Get the most out of your body
  2. Conquer the course
  3. Focus on racing

Get the most out of your body

To race your best, extracting every ounce of energy from your body is key. It takes precision to know how to properly expend energy throughout a race. While you don't want to charge full-speed out of the box lest you risk expending your energy prior to the finish, you also don't want to be overly conservative and end up with leftover stores. Training and competing with PowerRace helps you set a target that you are forced to follow, enabling you to run at the proper intensity throughout the race.

Conquer the course

You will encounter unique challenges in each race that you need to overcome to find your Personal Record. Don't let a single uphill section fool you into thinking your time or pace is ruined. We removed time and pace from PowerRace to help you hone focus into power alone. Guided by this superior metric, you will get the results you work for.

Focus on racing

Dedicate all of your mental output to running instead of losing some to distractions like glancing at your watch or fiddling with your data screens. We programmed alerts into PowerRace to notify you when you fall out of the zone. These alerts let you know when there's something to check your watch to prevent you from checking it needlessly.

How do I install it?

  1. Plug your Garmin watch into the computer and open Garmin Express
  2. Select your watch
  3. Click 'Manage Apps'. (If you used the Preview version, find PowerRace in the list of apps and click on the X button.)
  4. Click on 'Get More Apps' in the bottom right
  5. Search for 'Stryd' and then download 'Stryd PowerRace'
  6. PowerRace will install on your watch
  7. Unplug your watch and scroll to PowerRace to start!

How do I use it?

  1. Open the app on your watch
  2. Press enter and pair your Stryd device
  3. Select your race distance, race target, and auto lap target
  4. Press start on the watch to start a run
  5. You will get a solid buzz if you are too low and a vibing buzz if you are too high (+/- 20 watts). Adjust your target in real time with the up and down buttons.
  6. Run! Focus on your race and look at the watch only when you need to
  7. Customize data screens: Press UP (or swipe left to right) on the enter screen and select a data screen to customize.
  8. Use 10 watt range instead of 20 watt range: Press UP (or swipe left to right) on the enter screen and select 'Do 10W Range'
  9. Use beeps instead of vibrations: Press UP (or swipe left to right) on the enter screen and select 'Enable Beep'

When should I use PowerRace?

PowerRace is perfect to use while racing, during long & steady runs, and long intervals (1+ miles). PowerRace is a great guide for steady, stable workouts.

When shouldn't I use PowerRace?

We recommend against using PowerRace on track, interval, and hill workouts that have constantly-changing power targets.


PowerRace makes racing your #1 priority. We removed the fluff and distractions so you can get the most out of your body, conquer the course you're on, and focus your mind. Please share your success stories on the Stryd Community!


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