Stryd Trends: See Your Progress

Stryd Trends: See Your Progress

Blood, sweat and tears -- that is what it’s all about.

That’s why you put in the work every day. The prizes and accolades are nice, but it's also about the process.  That daily grind.  Everyday you sweat.  Sometimes you bleed. Occasionally, you even cry (just a little). There’s that internal satisfaction at the end of the knowing that you are getting closer and closer to your goal.

But… wouldn’t it be nice if you could see that progress?

Well, now you can.

Stryd Trends show you how your fitness is improving after a hard workout, and how it declines after some time off.  Because fitness accumulates over time, it takes about two months of data before a baseline is established.

Metabolic Fitness Trend

Metabolic Fitness

...tells you the metabolic stress your body can handle. The orange trend indicates your Metabolic Fitness trend. Use the value on this trend line to see how prepared you are for your target race distance.

  • 0-19 Skill means you are ramping up. Continue to feed training to the Stryd PowerCenter to build your fitness trend.
  • 20-35 Skill means you are prepared for a 5K race.
  • 30-50 Skill means you are prepared for a 10K race.
  • 40-65 Skill means you are prepared for a half marathon race.
  • 55-70 Skill means you are prepared for a marathon race.
  • 70+ Skill means you are prepared for ultra and endurance race distances.

Improve your Metabolic Fitness with VO2 Max Intervals, Lactate Threshold Runs, Easy Runs, Threshold Runs, and Race Specific Training.

Muscle Power Trend

Muscle Power

...identifies your peak 10 second power from every run. The orange trend line follows changes in your run economy.

Improve your Muscle Power with VO2 Max Intervals, Hill Sprints, and Supplemental Training.

Muscle Endurance Trend

Muscle Endurance

...determines the run with the greatest overall load from each week.  The orange trend line tells you your capability for a single long run.

Improve your Muscle Endurance with Aerobic Threshold Runs, Race Specific Training, and Long Runs.

Get Started Now

Stryd Trends give you the power to track your progress, and to train with confidence in your fitness gains.

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