IMPROVE with Stryd

Runners are continually evolving. With every step of training we influence our performance. The intensity and duration of our runs determine the type of runner that we become. Stryd's IMPROVE Training tools in PowerCenter identify your core running characteristics and track your training over time so that you can continue to improve and evolve into the best runner possible.


Stryd Runner Profile
Identify the key limiters in your training. Focus on your Metabolic Fitness, Muscle Endurance, and Muscle Power. Metabolic Fitness is your overall current fitness, in terms of both metabolic and aerobic performance. You can build your current fitness to its ceiling in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, it is possible to slowly raise your overall fitness ceiling with consistent training. Muscle Endurance is your ability to keep running. Your ability to run long should be improved slowly. Research recommends increasing by ~10% each week, and a single long run should not be more than 20-25% of your total weekly load. Muscle Power is your instantaneous power, and it is directly linked to running economy. Improve the strength of your muscles, the stiffness of your tendons, etc., and get the most out of each and every step.

Really interesting addition / tool, which can really help to indentify some weak spots or game changer for reaching the next running level.


Training Optimizer
Each of these characteristics can be developed with specific types of training. Identify the characteristics which present the best opportunity for improvement and highlight the types of training that will be best for developing them. For example, if your weakness for a 5k target race is Muscle Power, you should slowly begin to add hill sprints, speed work and supplemental training (such as weights, drills and/or plyometrics) to your routine.


Training Power Heatmap
Get a better understanding of how your training has influenced your current Runner Profile. A visual description of your running history in terms of both intensity (power) and duration. Bright red “hot” areas indicate combinations of power and duration that you frequently achieve in your training. Dark blue areas occur less often.

The Training Power Heatmap has two primary purposes: 1) a time-in-zone comparison and 2) the maximum power that you have sustained in your training. The simple rendering of your time in zone allows you to quickly identify how you have been spending your time while training. It helps you to quickly determine if you have been targeting the correct running intensities for your target race. Additionally, the Curve Power will always display the maximum power that you have achieved in your training for that given duration. Use this information to determine what you are able to accomplish in your next race!

Fabulous enhancements - well done, guys!


Adjust your Training
You can apply these new insights to your training today! Start by building up your limiters. First focus on the workouts that address your weaknesses. For example, if you are strong in Muscle Power, but Metabolic Fitness is relatively lower - begin to shift your focus towards intervals and threshold workouts. Keep in mind that as you focus on weaknesses, they will take a bigger toll than workouts that build upon your strengths. Slowly build the volume of these workouts over the course of several weeks, and be sure to take your recovery seriously. Find the right balance of adding workouts that focus on your weaknesses without creating a high level of fatigue, which limit adaptations.

While Running Stress Score (RSS) is not a new feature for Stryd, it is an important element to consider for your training. Too little stress will limit your ability to reach your potential, too much and you increase your risk for injury. Monitor your overall training stress so that it builds slowly and stays consistent through the meat of your training, and when it is time to taper you are fresh and honed for race day.

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