STRYD Power Averaging

Better Pacing With Stryd

What is one of the major keys to training with Stryd? Consistency. It is important to keep a consistent power on race day to run your best race. You know what power you need to aim for on race day. The challenge is: how do I stick to this power throughout the whole race?

We have a new tool for your Garmin watch: Power Averaging. Power averaging lets you see your average power. This means you can focus on consistent power and pacing to keep that steady power you need to have your best race yet. The shorter averages are useful for minimizing your step-by-step variation while the longer averages are used to focus on your overall goal. You can choose between:

  • 3 second average power
  • 10 second average power
  • 30 second average power
  • Lap average power
  • Overall average power

Getting Started with Power Averaging

  1. Grab your Connect IQ compatible watch and sync it up with Garmin Express on the computer
  2. Install/update Stryd Power from the Garmin App Store. Click the link and hit 'Download'. (
  3. Sync your Garmin watch with Garmin Express on the computer to install/update Stryd Power
  4. Select 'Manage Apps' on Garmin Express and find Stryd Power
  5. Click on the '...' option next to Stryd Power to configure the options
  6. Select the 'Power Averaging' option and choose one of the options.
  7. Sync your watch
  8. Customize the data screens on the run mode on your watch to see Stryd Power

Stryd Power In Your Hands

We have had early success with Power Averaging at the Stryd Headquarters. We believe this is the next step to successfully pacing your race. We want to see what you can do with Stryd Power. Share your pacing success story on the Stryd Community!