Run Faster with STRYD: Part Five

Supplemental Training

With the recent release of our new Stryd power meter, we are more excited than ever about the possibilities of helping people run faster. Our recently released white paper (download it here) discusses running economy – a measure of the metabolic cost of running – how it impacts performance and how you can use Stryd to help you run faster.

Many runners avoid the gym at all cost, so the mere words “strength training” are enough to make any runner uncomfortable. But what if we told you strength and plyometric training could make you faster? An abundance of research would agree -- many have found that the implementation of plyometric and/or strength training routines can improve running economy, Leg Spring Stiffness, and overall race performance in athletes of all ability levels.

There is also a misconception that the addition of a strength regimen is too time consuming and is something that requires a gym membership. In reality, all of it can be accomplished in 10-15 minutes without any added materials. Simple plyometric training can be hugely beneficial to distance runners who don’t have the time or desire to make trips to the gym. Programs lasting from 6-10 weeks in duration have been deemed to be long enough to see improvements in Leg Spring Stiffness, economy and race performance.

Stryd’s soon to be released Power Based Training Platform is geared towards improving these variables in runners. Using your Stryd foot pod, you will be able to monitor the effects of this training on your Leg Spring Stiffness and race performance in Power Center.