Stryd expands sports watch support with Garmin Connect IQ "Power" field

The sports watch is the perfect tool for high performance athletes. The watch serves as heart of the training ecosystem. It syncs all of your workout data and pairs with your training tools to tie everything together. It is crucial that your training tools work with your watch.

We have faced a challenge ever since we launched Stryd on Kickstarter. The big question was: “Will this work with my watch?” Since the launch, we searched for ways to say ‘Yes’ to everyone wanting to run with Stryd. This endeavor required a lot of help the ecosystem. From early on, Suunto said ‘Yes’ to us. They added support for run power in their Suunto Ambit line of watches. This enabled runners to have a seamless Stryd experience for the first time, and they loved it. Recently, Garmin released the Connect IQ platform to allow powerful, custom apps for their watches.

Today, Stryd and Garmin say ‘Yes’ to many more runners. We open the run power experience to a new set of watches.

Stryd Power - Connect IQ data field for real time power

The Stryd Power data field brings run power to your Garmin watch. Stryd Power is simple. You place the power field in your run app and start your training. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in choosing the data you need for your training. Then, your data are available on Garmin Connect and PowerCenter for analysis. Stryd Power offers maximum flexibility for Garmin watch users.

Get started here: Install Stryd Power

Stryd IQ - Stryd run mode for the full power experience

Stryd IQ gives you the full Stryd experience on your watch. You see your run form data on the treadmill, your power zones on the trail, and your pacing plan for your race. Stryd IQ is the best way to get started with power-based training.

Get started here: Install Stryd IQ

Stryd IQ & Stryd Power supported devices:

  • Forerunner 230, 235, & 630
  • Vivoactive & Vivoactive HR
  • Forerunner 735XT & 920XT
  • Fenix 3 & Fenix 3 HR