A New Experience for your Garmin

The Stryd power meter measures your body's power output in watts, so you can train at the right intensity, pace yourself for optimal race-day performance, and run more efficiently.

Many Stryd owners use Garmin watches. To provide the best experience for them, Stryd has made its power meter fully compatible with Garmin Connect IQ watches via the Stryd IQ app. The app guides runners through power-based training, competition, and running form drills. The openness of Connect IQ enables Stryd to show metrics at the cutting edge of sports technology, and to provide guidance on using them in training.

Here are some details on what the app supports.

Power zone based training: Integrate your training plan with your personal power zones so every run is in the right zone. You'll hit your target whatever the terrain, from long, slow recovery runs to repetition runs at your physical limit: no overtraining, no undertraining.

Race-day pacing: Pace yourself to win your next race with the Stryd CIQ app. The app gives you auto-lap segments for 1 MI and 1KM. You can segment your race to stay on target every step of the way. You'll understand when you need to increase your efforts and meet your goal or scale back to avoid a burnout.

Form metrics: Get the right data at the right time with power and form metrics. See your target form metrics to run more efficiently. The Stryd app records and displays all of your run data. Then, all the data are sent to the Stryd PowerCenter for analysis.

The following videos show you how to install and use the Stryd CIQ app.

For more information on Stryd, see https://www.stryd.com/.
For support with the Stryd IQ app, see https://www.stryd.com/support.