Stryd Kickstarter campaign closes, exceeding goals

Stryd Kickstarter campaign closes, exceeding goals

Dear Backers,

Thank you for supporting the Stryd wearable power meter for runners. A week ago, our Kickstarter campaign closed. 1,000 runners and 200 coaches from over 40 countries backed the project. We are now focusing on production and making it practical for you to use power for run training.

This update will give a very high-level overview of what we are doing to deliver Stryd to you. We will provide more detailed updates on particular topics in the coming weeks.

Manufacturing: Today, half of our engineering team flew to live on-site with our manufacturing partners so we can observe and manage every step of the process. We want Stryd to exceed your expectations. In fact, we have already added capabilities to the hardware that go beyond those advertised in the Kickstarter campaign, while of course also delivering power. We will be sharing details in the coming weeks.

Training program development: We have already started working with coaches to determine the best methods of using power in run training. In a few weeks, we will start sharing our findings with you and explaining how to get the most from Stryd.

For those of you scheduled to receive Stryd in July, please consider joining the 200 supporters who have already signed up to work with us on developing and using power-based methods of run training. The signup location is here:

Schedule: Right now, everything is on track to meet our delivery date targets: July for coaches, December for "New Year's Resolution" supporters, and September for everybody else.

Thank you again for making it possible for us to bring power to running! We'll be sending updates on production, findings, and training program development in the coming weeks.