Stryd In Kona: Learn From Top Kona Pros To Race With Power

On October 8th, 2016 more than 2300 of the world’s most elite triathletes converged on the Island of Kona to compete in the iconic Ironman World Championships. Among them were a select few who were the first to run with the new STRYD power meter foot pod. The new STRYD power meter collected information about effort and efficiency that has never been recorded by athletes competing at the championship level.

After swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles, the athletes run 26.2 miles—a marathon—in torturous conditions. Running in the mid-day Hawaii sun, temperatures surged to close to 90 degrees with high humidity and black volcanic rock lining the course only intensifying the heat. Not only

Stryd Unboxing — Initial Impressions

Stryd is here - unboxing experience by Paul


It’s not often that Australia gets something first! But somehow that’s exactly what’s happened with Stryd’s latest offering. After being a Kickstarter backer of the original Stryd Pioneer a year ago now, Stryd were kind enough to reward us all with early access to their second model – and mine arrived extra early.

With an intensive 48 hours of testing the new unit under my belt – and now being stuck on a plane for twenty hours – the guys at Stryd asked me if I was willing to share my thoughts and my initial impressions about this new unit. So armed with numerous cups of really bad airline coffee

Stryd expands sports watch support with Garmin Connect IQ "Power" field

The sports watch is the perfect tool for high performance athletes. The watch serves as heart of the training ecosystem. It syncs all of your workout data and pairs with your training tools to tie everything together. It is crucial that your training tools work with your watch. We have faced a challenge ever since we launched Stryd on Kickstarter. The big question was: “Will this work with my watch?” Since the launch, we searched for…

Why we create Stryd

Our work on Stryd Pioneer dates back to late 2014, when we were inspired by the cycling power meter — In cycling, power is the definitive measure of training intensity regardless of external environmental conditions. Runners who has experience with cycling power meters, including luminaries like Joe Friel, told us that its absence from running was sorely missed. So, we created the Stryd Pioneer with the goal of helping runners train consistently and effectively, and get better race-day results, by controlling their training intensity and pacing.

Since the birth of Stryd Pioneer last year, we have been working with many of you, athletes, coaches, and exercise physiologists, to develop ways of training with power. We soon realized that power can potentially

A New Experience for your Garmin

The Stryd power meter measures your body's power output in watts, so you can train at the right intensity, pace yourself for optimal race-day performance, and run more efficiently. Many Stryd owners use Garmin watches. To provide the best experience for them, Stryd has made its power meter fully compatible with Garmin Connect IQ watches via the Stryd IQ app. The app guides runners through power-based training, competition, and running form drills. The openness of Connect…

14 Ways a Power Meter Can Make you Faster

Why do I need a power meter again? Author Jim Vance's article in the online edition of Triathlete Magazine outlines 14 reasons using a power meter can make you a faster runner. We're always ready to jump on a new analogy to help put the power meter into an every day context. In his running power meter article, Jim has managed to explain how a power meter fits into your training arsenal perfectly. 'Running’s step…

Training and Racing with Power

How to use a Stryd Power Meter to Prepare for an 'A' Race Stryd Ambassador Bud Talbot has been using a Stryd power meter for a little over a year in preparation for his 'A' race, the Leadville Trail Marathon. Just this month, Bud shared an insightful blog post on how he has adapted his training from the usual pace, heart rate and general note-taking approach to a more methodical power-based training. For anyone ready to…

Stryd Heads to Rio for Global Sport Innovation Finals

Global Sport Innovation Competition: Denver Pitch Day The Stryd team headed to Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, home to the Denver Broncos on June 15 to be part of a group of ten companies pitching before a panel of six judges in the Global Sport Innovation competition. The competition managed by the Hype Foundation brings together the best and brightest entrepreneurs from all across the globe, focused on building innovative products and technologies…

How coaches are using #runningwithpower

Stryd Education: What is running power and how coaches can use this new metric We are pleased to announce the first in collection of videos in the Stryd Education Series. Over the coming months we’ll share videos to give you more information related to #runningwithpower. Our videos will share the the concepts and practical application of running with power meters from the point of view of physiologists, coaches and/or athletes using Stryd. To kick…

Stryd in Action: Chris Turner uses Stryd power meter to PR in London

Recently, London-based runner Chris Turner shared with us his experience using the Stryd power meter to prepare for the 2016 London marathon. He raced a PR on the day.
Power Graph

Chris is a self-coached runner and made the transition from using heart rate zones for training to power zones in his preparation for the marathon.

Chris Turner with London Medal

From being familiar with his power output, Chris commented he was able to pace himself better, hold back the race adrenaline and not go out too fast. This allowed him to hold his pace until the end of the race.

Using Stryd data in his training gave him a new level of confidence on race day. He knew he could sustain the power. That alone is