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Runners are continually evolving. With every step of training we influence our performance. The intensity and duration of our runs determine the type of runner that we become. Stryd's IMPROVE Training tools in PowerCenter identify your core running characteristics and track your training over time so that you can continue to improve and evolve into the best runner possible.


Stryd Runner Profile
Identify the key limiters in your training. Focus on your Metabolic Fitness, Muscle Endurance, and Muscle Power. Metabolic Fitness is your overall current fitness, in terms of both metabolic and aerobic performance. You can build your current fitness to its ceiling in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, it is possible to slowly raise your overall fitness

Guest Blog: Believe in Power

Stryder Akhil Viz graciously lends his experience Running With Power to the Stryd Blog.


As a triathlete, running is a major component of my training. I got hooked on to triathlon towards the end of 2011 when I did my first Sprint triathlon and immediately decided I would race in an Ironman ten months later!

I was a self-coached athlete at first. I figured my way through the sport by asking other experienced triathletes for their advice and scavenging through the Internet to soak in as much information as possible. I had a basic heart rate monitor and stopwatch to record my training—no other gadgets.

I had read plenty of articles and journals regarding the benefits of training with

Training Peaks Run with Power Workout Export to Garmin Watch

The following article was republished with permission from Peaks Coaching Group. Written by PCG Elite Coach and Stryder, Rachel Zambrano, This tutorial will take you step by step in creating a run workout with power targets, exporting the file, then importing it to a Garmin watch for use outside, or on a treadmill. As of the writing of this article, there are two problems that, while this is still a viable solution, make this imperfect at…

STRYD Power Averaging

Better Pacing With Stryd What is one of the major keys to training with Stryd? Consistency. It is important to keep a consistent power on race day to run your best race. You know what power you need to aim for on race day. The challenge is: how do I stick to this power throughout the whole race? We have a new tool for your Garmin watch: Power Averaging. Power averaging lets you see your average…

Stryd is Most Accurate Device Tested by fellrnr!

Great news to report! fellrnr of (a widely trusted source on evaluating running technology accuracy) ranked Stryd as the most accurate distance reporting device that they have tested to date. See the full report and supporting data here. Stryd is not only now ranked at the top of the industry, but Stryd's first placing comes with quite a large margin over the rest. Stryd's precision (even when uncalibrated) particularly outshines the field.…

Mysterious Treadmill Pace?

You may have noticed that running on a treadmill feels differently when compared to running outdoors. Understanding the root cause of this difference, it turns out, may actually help improve our run training. We've tested Stryd on multiple runners and across multiple treadmills, and after all our data collection and analysis we think we know why. The root cause is that your treadmill's belt speed isn't actually constant. More specifically, when your foot strikes the belt,…

Running Stress Score

After each day’s workout, we all wonder — how was my workout today? Have I done enough? Did I push too hard? Indeed, consistent training with the correct load and variety spurs the best physiological improvement; the secret sauce to how top runners build fitness quickly, to run faster. This is why we designed Running Stress Score (RSS), a single number to help runners understand their day-by-day training. It quantifies how much you’ve trained and…

A look back at Kona 2016 : Alessandro Degasperi

We'll be watching the NBC broadcast of the 2016 Ironman World Championship on Saturday at 2:30ET. When you do, be sure to be on the look out for Bib number 35, Alessandro Degasperi. On a day when five athletes ran their marathon under 2 hours and 50 minutes, Alessandro quietly ran one of the fastest marathons of the day. He passed by more than 20 of his competitors during the marathon and completed it in…

Stryding to the Summit: Lionel Sanders sets the Ironman World Record

Lionel Sanders broke the Ironman World Record at Ironman Arizona in a time of 7:44:29, merely 5 weeks after his worst race of the year. His data from Stryd provides unique insights into his historic day.

Photo Credit: Philip Carnavale

(Phoenix, AZ) Lionel Sanders emerged from the water after 53+ minutes of swimming in 25th place. Next, after four hours and 112 miles in the saddle, Lionel entered the run in second place and within range of the Ironman World Record.

Lionel had been here before, however. Five weeks earlier, at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Lionel used a strong bike to put himself into 13th place at T2. This was close enough that, with a strong

Run Faster with STRYD: Part Five

Supplemental Training

With the recent release of our new Stryd power meter, we are more excited than ever about the possibilities of helping people run faster. Our recently released white paper (download it here) discusses running economy – a measure of the metabolic cost of running – how it impacts performance and how you can use Stryd to help you run faster.

Many runners avoid the gym at all cost, so the mere words “strength training” are enough to make any runner uncomfortable. But what if we told you strength and plyometric training could make you faster? An abundance of research would agree -- many have found that the implementation of plyometric and/or strength training routines can improve running economy, Leg