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Stryd is now more accessible | Best price + Best features

Have you been wanting to try Stryd?

Stryd is now ready for you.

Now you can get Stryd at its most accessible price ever, at a time that Stryd brings to you the most comprehensive set of automated power-based training features to date!

Stryd is now available for $149 USD up front*, a more than 30% reduction. Coming with this new offer is 6 months of Stryd Membership for a total cost of $209 USD. This commitment enables us to provide you the new features of the Stryd experience plus the Stryd pod for the lowest upfront cost ever!

This 6 month commitment will give you everything you need to start with Stryd, learn through our intro plans, train for a race with running power, and execute a perfectly paced race with running power.

* Exact price varies by region. Visit buy.stryd.com to see the price of Stryd in your region. Read more here >

Learn the basics in as little as two weeks
The first two weeks will be dedicated to Stryd's intro to power plan. The plan will establish your Stryd profile and help you understand the basics of running with power. Then, you can select one of Stryd’s training plans, from 5K to Marathon, and fully prepare for your race by training with power. With our new training plan options, you are sure to find a plan that fits your requirements.

Get your first power-based training plan

Our training plans are made up of power-based structured workouts that can be sent to your compatible sports watch for guided execution during every training session. Whether today’s run is a structured workout or long and easy, our plan is perfect for you because it leverages your Stryd profile to set personalized power targets, providing alerts that keep you in the sweet spot. Real-time, quantitative alerts are like having a coach’s eye on your performance at all times.

After you finish your training, you will receive automatically generated insights and trends that give you immediate feedback to help you learn more about your data, from your data — without any detailed analysis or know-how from your part. All you need to do is follow Stryd’s guidance and Stryd’s ecosystem will tell you what you can learn from your data.

Customize your training routine with Workout Builder & Workout Library

Once you have mastered the basics of training with a power based plan, it is time to take your training to the next level. With the Stryd membership, you also gain access to the newly released (just today!) Workout Builder and Workout Library tools. You can select workouts in your training schedule and modify them to your liking or even begin making your own workouts to tailor your training or challenge yourself.

Generate your first personalized power-based race plan for perfect pacing on race day

After you have completed your plan, you can dial in the perfect race with the Stryd Race Power Calculator. You can input all the details of your race including the race course, the temperature, humidity, and altitude. You will learn how fast you are capable of finishing your race and have the perfect pacing plan — built on power — to achieve that elusive Personal Best time.

Get Stryd plus our most features ever at our best price ever

All in all, you get the complete Stryd package at our best price ever that includes a comprehensive plan that helps you get started with power and also provides a perfect race strategy to easily have your best race performance ever.

Head to buy.stryd.com to get Stryd at its most affordable price ever!

Watch the announcement of the new price offering

If you are an existing Stryd customer, take advantage of our introductory offer to get your first 6 months of the Stryd Membership with access to the new Workout Builder & Library. Click here to learn more >

If you are interested in learning more about the Stryd Membership or have a question about this feature, check out our knowledge base for more information. Visit the knowledge base >