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Personal records can be had whether the starting gun fires or not

"Stryder" Lukáš didn't let the disappointment of a cancelled race day stop him from running a personal best at 5K and 10K today:


10k time trial today

Even though my race was canceled/postponed, I've planned to do a 10k time trial today (2 weeks before my half marathon). Having a personal best from last fall 37:08. I was expecting something around 36 minutes. The calculator predicted 35-36 minutes for different scenarios for 360W target power.

The result is 34:43  with 368W. With this run, I also beat my 5k time from my time trial 1 month ago 🥳


Great work, Lukáš!

If this is not motivation to stick to your training routine, I don't know what is.

Lukáš didn't need a pack of runners to push him to his personal best.

Instead, he studied his data, determined his power target, and he stuck to that power target from start to finish of his time trial.

When you know what you are capable of, that can be all the motivation you need to run fast and perform to your peak.

Personal records can be had whether the starting gun fires or not.

Don't let a cancelled race deter you from capitalizing on the fitness you have built up.

If you want data to guide you through a time trial effort, you should get Stryd here: