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How some Olympic Trials marathoners came prepared for one of the hardest races of the year

The Olympic Trials were this past weekend and all I could think about was how a lot of athletes could have had a better day if they had paced their race better.

The course was specifically designed to be hilly and, even with that knowledge, a lot of athletes underestimated how challenging the course would be.

They didn't train enough hills.

They especially did not know how to pace this volume of hills in the context of a competitive marathon race.

On top of that pacing gaffe, the weather was extremely windy as well.

Unfortunately for the runners, that wind added a bit of "injury to insult" to the hills.

Fortunately for the viewing audience, the conditions made for an entertaining race and injected some unpredictability and excitement as to who would finish Top 3 and punch their ticket to the Olympics.

Evan Schwartz, head of Coaching @ Stryd, was ground level at the race as he was running in the trials.

After the race, he talked to the runners that did wear Stryd during the race and they were thankful they had power to guide them in the hilly and windy conditions.

Power not only works for the everyday runner but it also works at the highest levels of running.

Evan recorded a podcast that discussed how he uses Stryd's metrics in his own training.

You can find that podcast here: http://stryd.libsyn.com/episode-3-understanding-powermeter-metrics

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